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Reliving the Trenches

Reliving the Trenches

Memory Plays by Veterans of the Great War
edited by Alan Filewod
also available: eBook
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Creative Theatre, by Roy Mitchell

Unlike texts that utilize models of form and content in order to focus on advocating for change, personally or collectively, Mitchell’s material and metaphysical objectives present a foundational challenge to these disciplines now seeking to renovate and expand their boundaries; in this long, perhaps even permanent process of rebuilding, the recalcitrant, troubling, difficult, Creative Theatre offers a contesting world that can, with serious work, help to make our understanding of Canada new and then new again, allowing scholars to take the boundaries of their disciplines "into the realm of [their] origin and originate it – mint it again for new issue."

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Antonin Artaud’s Alternate Genealogies

Antonin Artaud’s Alternate Genealogies

Self-Portraits and Family Romances
also available: Paperback
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