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Why Reconciliation Fails Indigenous People and How to Fix It

by (author) Bruce McIvor
read by Lorne Cardinal

Constitutional Crossroads

Reflections on Charter Rights, Reconciliation, and Change

edited by Kate Puddister & Emmett Macfarlane

Voicing Identity

Cultural Appropriation and Indigenous Issues

edited by John Borrows & Kent McNeil

Histories, Territories and Laws of the Kitwancool

Second Edition, with a New Foreword by the Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs

translated by Constance Cox
edited by Wilson Duff

Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice

A Search for Ways Forward

by (author) David Milward

Beyond Rights

The Nisg̱a’a Final Agreement and the Challenges of Modern Treaty Relationships

by (author) Carole Blackburn

To Share, Not Surrender

Indigenous and Settler Visions of Treaty Making in the Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia

edited by Peter Cook, Neil Vallance, John Lutz, Graham Brazier & Hamar Foster

Wise Practices

Exploring Indigenous Economic Justice and Self-Determination

edited by Robert Hamilton, John Borrows, Brent Mainprize, Ryan Beaton & Joshua Ben David Nichols

Gehl v Canada

Challenging Sex Discrimination in the Indian Act

by (author) Lynn Gehl

The Laws and the Land

The Settler Colonial Invasion of Kahnawà:ke in Nineteenth-Century Canada

by (author) Daniel Rück

Bead by Bead

Constitutional Rights and Métis Community

by (author) Yvonne Boyer & Larry Chartrand
foreword by Tony Belcourt

Daniels v. Canada

In and Beyond the Courts

edited by Nathalie Kermoal & Chris Andersen

Doodem and Council Fire

Anishinaabe Governance through Alliance

by (author) Heidi Bohaker

Shared Histories

Witsuwit’en-Settler Relations in Smithers, British Columbia, 1913-1973

by (author) Tyler McCreary

Storying Violence

Unravelling Colonial Narratives In The Stanley Trial

by (author) Gina Starblanket & Dallas Hunt

Inalienable Properties

The Political Economy of Indigenous Land Reform

by (author) Jamie Baxter

From Wardship to Rights

The Guerin Case and Aboriginal Law

by (author) Jim Reynolds

Canada at a Crossroads

Boundaries, Bridges, and Laissez-Faire Racism in Indigenous-Settler Relations

by (author) Jeffrey Denis

Bad Law

Rethinking Justice for a Postcolonial Canada

by (author) John Reilly

Canadian Law and Indigenous Self‐Determination

A Naturalist Analysis

by (author) Gordon Christie

What Has No Place, Remains

The Challenges for Indigenous Religious Freedom in Canada Today

by (author) Nicholas Shrubsole

What Has No Place, Remains

The Challenges for Indigenous Religious Freedom in Canada Today

by (author) Nicholas Shrubsole

Métis Politics and Governance in Canada

by (author) Kelly Saunders & Janique Dubois

Flawed Precedent

The St. Catherine’s Case and Aboriginal Title

by (author) Kent McNeil

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