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Ethics and Canadian Law Enforcement

by (author) Richard Parent & Catherine Parent

Daggers Unsheathed

The Political Assassination of Glen Clark

by (author) Judy Tyabji

In Search of the Ethical Lawyer

Stories from the Canadian Legal Profession

edited by Adam Dodek & Alice Woolley

Ethics and Criminal Law, 2/e

by (author) David Layton & Michel Proulx

Why Good Lawyers Matter

edited by David L. Blaikie, Thomas A. Cromwell & Darrel Pink
contributions by Melina Buckley, Richard Devlin, Adam M. Dodek, Jocelyn Downie, Daphne Dumont, Trevor C.W. Farrow, Stephen T. Goudge, Patrick Healy, Dean Jobb, Roy McMurtry, Stephen G.A. Pitel, Augustus M. Richardson & Alice Woolley

The New Lawyer

How Settlement Is Transforming the Practice of Law

by (author) Julie Macfarlane

Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, 2/e

by (author) Allan C. Hutchinson

Ethics of the Body

Postconventional Challenges

edited by Margrit Shildrick, Roxanne Mykitiuk & Arthur L. Caplan

Managing a Legal and Ethical Social Work Practice

by (author) Marilyn Samuels & Elayne Tanner
foreword by Francis J. Turner

Ethics and Canadian Criminal Law

by (author) Michel Proulx & David Layton

A Debate Over Rights

Philosophical Enquiries

by (author) Matthew Kramer, Nigel Simmonds & Hillel Steiner

Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility

by (author) Allan C. Hutchinson

Canadian Cases in the Philosophy of Law, third edition

edited by Jerome Bickenbach

Animal Welfare and Human Values

by (author) Rod Preece & Lorna Chamberlain

The Prosecutor

An Inquiry into the Exercise of Discretion

by (author) Brian A. Grosman