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Corporate Law and Sustainability from the Next Generation of Lawyers

edited by Carol Liao
foreword by Joel Bakan

The Law of Partnerships and Corporations, 4/e

by (author) J. Anthony VanDuzer

Capitalism: A Crime Story

A Graphic History of the Winnipeg Strike

by (author) Harry Glasbeek

Class Privilege

How Law Shelters Shareholders and Coddles Capitalism

by (author) Harry Glasbeek

Still Dying for a Living

Corporate Criminal Liability after the Westray Mine Disaster

by (author) Steven Bittle

Convention entre Actionnaires pour Entreprise Incorporee seulement

Shareholders' Agreement for Incorporated business only

by (author) Self-Counsel Press

Corporate Governance in Global Capital Markets

edited by Janis Sarra

The Law of Partnerships and Corporations, 3/e

by (author) J. Anthony VanDuzer

Democratizing Pension Funds

Corporate Governance and Accountability

by (author) Ronald B. Davis

Minute Book Inserts

Tabs & Registers

by (author) Self-Counsel Press

Share Certificates for British Columbia

by (author) Self-Counsel Press

Share Certificates for Ontario

by (author) Self-Counsel Press

Limited Liabilty Company

How to Form and Operate Your Own:

by (author) Gregory C. Damman

The Companies We Keep

Corporate Governance for a Democratic Society

by (author) Allan C. Hutchinson

Contrat de Societe pour Entreprise Non-Incorporee Seulement

Partnership Agreement for Unincorporated business only

by (author) Self-Counsel Press

Contrat de Co-entreprise

Joint Venture Agreement

by (author) Self-Counsel Press

Incorporation Kit for Alberta

by (author) Tom Carter

Special Lectures 2004

Corporate and Commercial Law

by (author) Law Society of Upper Canada

Incorporation Kit for Ontario

by (author) Stephen M. Georgas

Wealth By Stealth

Corporate Crime, Corporate Law, and the Perversion of Democracy

by (author) Harry Glasbeek

Canadian Law and Private Investigations

by (author) Norman Groot

Joint Ventures

Legal and Business Perspectives

by (author) Melanie Shishler & Barry J. Reiter
foreword by J. Robert S. Prichard

Enter At Your Own Risk

Canadian Youth and the Labour Market

by (author) Richard Marquardt

Minute Books

Keep company records

by (author) Self-Counsel Press

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