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Immersion at University Level

Immersion at University Level

Rethinking Policies, approaches and implementations
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‘’French immersion first appeared in a primary school in suburban Montreal in the 1960s. While it spread rapidly to the primary and secondary schools, it is today still practically nonexistent at the university level, in spite of regular recommendations from the former Commissioner of Official Languages, a federal spokesman for the promotion of Canada’s two official languages and the protection of linguistic rights.

 The title of this book is not innocuous. The word “policies” explains the eminently political nature of language planning, especially in a bilingual or multilingual environment. “Approaches” refer to the development and the “implementations” of such decisions to teaching and learning methods.

 Our aim is not only to think but to rethink all these dimensions:  based on the Canadian experience of the Régime d’immersion en français at the University of Ottawa, what are the best practices to successfully implement an immersion program and structure — It is hoped that this book will serve as the reference framework for immersion in higher education institutions around the world.’’



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La traduction raisonnée, 3e édition, Livre du maître

La traduction raisonnée, 3e édition, Livre du maître

Manuel d’initiation à la traduction professionnelle de l’anglais vers le français
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