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Engaging With Indigenous Narratives and Cultural Expressions In and Beyond the Classroom

edited by Katya Adamov Ferguson & Christine M'Lot
by (author) K.C. Adams, Sonya Ballantyne, Charlene Bearhead, Wilson Bearhead, Lisa Boivin, Rita Bouvier, Nicola I. Campbell, Sara Florence Davidson, Louise B. Halfe, Lucy Hemphill, Wanda John-Kehewin, Elizabeth LaPensee, Victoria McIntosh, Reanna Merasty, David A. Robertson, Russell Wallace & Christina Lavalley Ruddy

Immersion at University Level

Rethinking Policies, approaches and implementations

edited by Hélène Knoerr & Alysse Weinberg

Grand Conversations, Thoughtful Responses

A Unique Approach to Literature Circles

by (author) Faye Brownlie
foreword by Leyton Schnellert

Post-Secondary French Immersion

Politics and Pegadogy

edited by Hélène Knoerr, Aline Gohard-Radenkovic & Alysse Weinberg

Language is the Key

The Canadian Language Benchmarks Model

edited by Monika Jezak

L’immersion française à l'université

Politiques et pédagogie

edited by Hélène Knoerr, Aline Gohard-Radenkovic & Alysse Weinberg

La traduction raisonnée, 3e édition

Manuel d’initiation à la traduction professionnelle de l’anglais vers le français

by (author) Jean Delisle & Marco A. Fiola

Traditions and Transitions

Curricula for German Studies

edited by John L. Plews & Barbara Schmenk

Rock & Roll Literacy

by (author) Sigmund Brouwer

The French Play

Exploring Theatre 'Re-creatively' with Foreign Language Students

by (author) Les Essif

Once Upon a Time

My Life With Children's Books

by (author) Sheila Egoff

Thing Feigned or Imagined

A Self-Directed Course in the Craft of Fiction

by (author) Fred Stenson

The Gift of Reading

by (author) David Bouchard & Wendy Sutton

The Sounds, Forms, and Uses of Italian

An Introduction to Italian Linguistics

by (author) Gianrenzo P. Clivio & Marcel Danesi

Teacher's Guide Book 6 : The Summer the Whales Sang

The Summer the Whales Sang

by (author) Sylvia Hill

Teacher's Guide Book 3 : Camels Can Make You Homesick

Camels Can Make You Homesick

by (author) Sylvia Hill

Study Guide for Sifron La-Student ('Alef, Bet) (2nd Edition)

by (author) Frank Talmage, Chaim Rabin & Libby Garshowitz