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Browse Books in Composition & Creative Writing

Spoken Word Workbook

Inspiration from Poets who Teach

edited by Sheri-D Wilson

Finding the Words

Writers on Inspiration, Desire, War, Celebrity, Exile, and Breaking the Rules

by (author) Jared Bland

Writing by Choice

by (author) Eric Henderson

Making Sense in the Life Sciences

A Student's Guide to Research and Writing

by (author) Margot Northey & Patrick von Aderkas

Franz Kafka (1883-1983)

His Craft and Thought

edited by Roman Struc & John Yardley

Breathing the Page

Reading the Act of Writing

by (author) Betsy Warland

How to Write

by (author) Derek Beaulieu

Writing with Style

Grammar in Context

by (author) Heather Pyrcz

The Broadview Guide to Writing, fifth edition

by (author) Doug Babington, Don LePan, Maureen Okun & Victoria Anderson

Making Ireland Roman

Irish Neo-Latin Writers and the Republic of Letters

by (author) Jason Harris

Writing to Go

Top Ten Writing Tips

by (author) Rob Colter

The Concise Canadian Writer's Handbook: Student Workbook

by (author) William E. Messenger, Jan de Bruyn, Judy Brown, Ramona Montagnes & Peter J.W. Chambers

The Author's Grimoire

The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy

edited by Valerie Griswold Ford & Lai Zhao

Alchemy with Words

The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy vol 1

edited by Darin Park & Tom Dullemond

The Canadian Oxford Guide to Writing

A Rhetoric and Handbook

by (author) Thomas S. Kane, Karen C. Ogden & Heather Pyrcz

First Contact

The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction

edited by David A. Law & Darin Park

Letter-Writing Manuals and Instruction from Antiquity to the Present

Historical and Bibliographic Studies

edited by Carol Poster & Linda C. Mitchell

Clear Writing

Readings in Expository Prose

edited by Marjorie Mather & Brett McLenithan

Late Bloomer

On writing later in life

by (author) Naomi Wakan

Stranger at the Door

Writers and the Act of Writing

by (author) Kristjana Gunnars

Canadian Writer's Handbook

edited by Judy Brown & Ramona Montagnes

Biting the Error

Writers Explore Narrative

edited by Gail Scott, Robert Gluck & Camille Roy

Writers Talking

edited by John Metcalf & Claire Wilkshire

Word Carving

Craft of Literary Journalism, The

edited by Moira Farr & Ian Pearson

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