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Lunch-Bucket Lives

Remaking the Workers’ City

by (author) Craig Heron

Les Juifs de la Révolution tranquille

Regards d’une minorité religieuse sur le Québec de 1945 à 1976

by (author) Simon-Pierre Lacasse
series edited by Pierre Anctil

Enthusiasms and Loyalties

The Public History of Private Feelings in the Enlightenment Atlantic

by (author) Keith Shepherd Grant

Monumental Fury

The History of Iconoclasm and the Future of Our Past

by (author) Matthew Fraser

The Boundaries of Ethnicity

German Immigration and the Language of Belonging in Ontario

by (author) Benjamin Bryce

Distant Stage

Quebec, Brazil, and the Making of Canada's Cultural Diplomacy

by (author) Eric Fillion

Being Neighbours

Cooperative Work and Rural Culture, 1830-1960

by (author) Catharine Anne Wilson

An Unrecognized Contribution

Women and Their Work in 19th-Century Toronto

by (author) Elizabeth Gillan Muir

Lessons in Legitimacy

Colonialism, Capitalism, and the Rise of State Schooling in British Columbia

by (author) Sean Carleton

10 Days That Shaped Modern Canada

by (author) Aaron Hughes

Until Further Notice

A Year in Pandemic Time

by (author) Amy Kaler

A Good Country

My Life in Twelve Towns and the Devastating Battle for a White America

by (author) Sofia Ali-Khan

Patterns of Plague

Changing Ideas about Plague in England and France, 1348-1750

by (author) Lori Jones

Pleasure and Panic

New Essays on the History of Alcohol and Drugs

edited by Dan Malleck & Cheryl Krasnick Warsh


An Illustrated History

by (author) Susan C. Boyd
designed by David Lester

Tales from the Homestead

A History of Prairie Pioneers, 1867–1914

by (author) Sandra Rollings-Magnusson

Liquor and the Liberal State

Drink and Order before Prohibition

by (author) Dan Malleck

The Joint Arctic Weather Stations

Science and Sovereignty in the High Arctic, 1946-1972

by (author) Daniel Heidt & P. Whitney Lackenbauer

The Gifts of Africa

How a Continent and Its People Changed the World

by (author) Jeff Pearce

Feeling Feminism

Activism, Affect, and Canada’s Second Wave

edited by Lara Campbell, Michael Dawson & Catherine Gidney

Scandalous Conduct

Canadian Officer Courts Martial, 1914–45

by (author) Matthew Barrett

The Volunteers

How Halifax Women Won the Second World War

by (author) Lezlie Lowe

The Next Civil War

Dispatches from the American Future

by (author) Stephen Marche

White Space

Race, Privilege, and Cultural Economies of the Okanagan Valley

edited by Daniel J. Keyes & Luis L.M. Aguiar

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