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Authorized Heritage

Place, Memory, and Historic Sites in Prairie Canada

by (author) Robert Coutts

Archival Material

Early Papers on History, Volume 25

edited by Robert Doran & John Dadosky
by (author) Lonergan Research Institute

Reading Canadian Women's and Gender History

edited by Nancy Janovicek & Carmen Nielson

Truth, Morality, and Meaning in History

by (author) Paul T. Phillips

Talking Back to the Indian Act

Critical Readings in Settler Colonial Histories

edited by Mary-Ellen Kelm & Keith Smith

Towards a New Ethnohistory

Community-Engaged Scholarship among the People of the River

edited by Keith Thor Carlson, John Sutton Lutz, David M. Schaepe & Naxaxalhts’i McHalsie

The Atlantic Region to Confederation

A History

edited by Phillip Buckner & John Reid

"I wish to keep a record"

Nineteenth-Century New Brunswick Women Diarists and Their World

by (author) Gail Campbell

One in a Thousand

The Life and Death of Captain Eddie McKay, Royal Flying Corps

by (author) Graham Broad

Un historien dans la cité

Gaétan Gervais et l’Ontario français

by (author) François-Olivier Dorais

Moving Natures

Mobility and the Environment in Canadian History

edited by Ben Bradley & Colin M. Coates
contributions by Jay Young, Thomas Peace, Jim Clifford, Judy Burns, Ken Cruikshank, Andrew Watson, Merle Massie, Daniel Macfarlane, Tor H. Oiamo, Don Lafreniere, Joy Parr, J.I. Little, Jessica Dunkin, Elizabeth L. Jewett, Elsa Lam & Maude-Emmanuelle Lambert

Donald Creighton

A Life in History

by (author) Donald A. Wright

Stalin's Empire of Memory

Russian-Ukrainian Relations in the Soviet Historical Imagination

by (author) Serhy Yekelchyk

Committing the Future to Memory

History, Experience, Trauma

by (author) Sarah Clift

Massacre Street

by (author) Paul Zits

With Friends Like These

Entangled Nationalisms and the Canada-Quebec-France Triangle, 1944-1970

by (author) David Meren

Wadi el Hasa Archaeological Survey 1979-1931, West-Central Jordan

by (author) Burton MacDonald

New Possibilities for the Past

Shaping History Education in Canada

edited by Penney Clark

Historicizing Canadian Anthropology

edited by Julia Harrison & Regna Darnell

Clio's Warriors

Canadian Historians and the Writing of the World Wars

by (author) Tim Cook

Japanese Historians and the National Myths, 1600-1945

The Age of the Gods and Emperor Jinmu

by (author) John S. Brownlee

Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision

by (author) Marie Battiste


Early Works

by (author) Dionne Brand

Storied Communities

Narratives of Contact and Arrival in Constituting Political Community

edited by Hester Lessard, Rebecca Johnson & Jeremy Webber

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