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Fishing Measures

A Critique of Desk-Bound Reason

by (author) Daniel Banoub

Breaking Through

Understanding Sovereignty and Security in the Circumpolar Arctic

edited by Wilfrid Greaves & P. Whitney Lackenbauer

Deep and Sheltered Waters

The History of Tod Inlet

by (author) David R. Gray
foreword by Nancy J. Turner & Robert D. Turner


The Long Run of the Wild River

by (author) Philip Lee

Beyond the Trees

A Journey Alone Across Canada's Arctic

by (author) Adam Shoalts

The Snakes of Ontario

by (author) E.B.S. Logier

Crucial Maps in the Early Cartography and Place-Nomenclature of the Atlantic Coast of Canada

by (author) William F. Ganong
introduction and notes by Theodore F. Layng

Historical Atlas of Central Europe

Third Revised and Expanded Edition

by (author) Paul Robert Magocsi

Rooster Town

The History of an Urban Métis Community, 1901–1961

by (author) Evelyn Peters, Matthew Stock & Adrian Werner

Ranch in the Slocan

A Biography of a Kootenay Farm, 1896–2017

by (author) Cole Harris

A History of Canada in Ten Maps

Epic Stories of Charting a Mysterious Land

by (author) Adam Shoalts

Displacing Blackness

Planning, Power, and Race in Twentieth-Century Halifax

by (author) Ted Rutland

Fashioning the Canadian Landscape

Essays on Travel Writing, Tourism, and National Identity in the Pre-Automobile Era

edited by John Irvine Little


Philip Turnor in Rupert's Land in the Age of Enlightenment

by (author) Barbara Mitchell


A River in the Life of the City

by (author) John Gilpin

Newspaper City

Toronto's Street Surfaces and the Liberal Press, 1860-1935

by (author) Phillip Gordon Mackintosh

Ice Blink

Navigating Northern Environmental History

edited by Stephen Bocking & Brad Martin
contributions by Tina Adcock, Emelie Cameron, Hans M. Carlson, Marionne Cronin, Matthew Farish, Arn Keeling, P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Tina Loo, Paul Nadasdy, Jonathan Peyton, Liza Piper, John Sandlos & Andrew Stuhl

Where Mountains Meet the Sea

An Illustrated History of the District of North Vancouver

by (author) Daniel Francis

Canadian Countercultures and the Environment

edited by Colin M. Coates
contributions by Matt Cavers, Megan Davies, Nancy Janovicek, Alan MacEachern, David Neufeld, Ryan O'Connor, Kathleen Rodgers, Daniel Ross, Henry Trim & Sharon Weaver

Mining and Communities in Northern Canada

History, Politics, and Memory

contributions by Arn Keeling, John Sandlos, Patricia Boulter, Jean-Sébastien Boutet, Emilie Cameron, Sarah Gordon, Heather Green, Jane Hammond, Joella Hogan, Tyler Levitan, Hereward Longley, Scott Midgley, Kevin O’Reilly, Andrea Procter & Alexandra Winton

The Fence and the Bridge

Geopolitics and Identity along the Canada–US Border

by (author) Heather N. Nicol

Fire Canoe

Prairie Steamboat Days Revisited

by (author) Ted Barris

Seanchaidh na Coille / Memory-Keeper of the Forest

Anthology of Scottish-Gaelic Literature of Canada

by (author) Michael Newton

Saint John Facts and Folklore

by (author) David Goss

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