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Screening Youth

Contemporary French and Francophone Cinema

edited by Romain Chareyron & Gilles Viennot

British Entertainers in France

by (author) Victor Leathers


A Study in Parallels

by (author) A.E. Carter

The Idea of Art as Propaganda in France, 1750-1799

A Study in the History of Ideas

by (author) James Leith

French Naval & Colonial Troops 1872-1914

by (author) Rene Chartrand
illustrated by Mark Stacey

Architecture and Urbanism in the French Atlantic Empire

State, Church, and Society, 1604-1830

by (author) Gauvin Alexander Bailey

From Revolution to Ethics

May 1968 and Contemporary French Thought, Second Edition

by (author) Julian Bourg

Saint Germain des Prés

The Heart of Paris 1945-1955

by (author) Gérard Bonal
translated by Leonard Rosmarin

The Making of Grand Paris

Metropolitan Urbanism in the Twenty-First Century

by (author) Theresa Enright

A Passion for Paris

Romanticism and Romance in the City of Light

by (author) David Downie
read by Jean Brassard

The Arras Witch Treatises

Johannes Tinctor's Invectives contre la secte de vauderie and the Recollectio casus, status et condicionis Valdensium ydolatrarum by the Anonymous of Arras (1460)

edited and translated by Andrew Colin Gow, Robert B. Desjardins & François V. Pageau

When Ballet Became French

Modern Ballet and the Cultural Politics of France, 1909-1939

by (author) Ilyana Karthas

The Paris Game

Charles de Gaulle, the Liberation of Paris, and the Gamble that Won France

by (author) Ray Argyle
foreword by Maurice Vaïsse

A World of Paper

Louis XIV, Colbert de Torcy, and the Rise of the Information State

by (author) John C. Rule & Ben S. Trotter

Canada between Vichy and Free France, 1940-1945

by (author) Oliver Courteaux

Canada between Vichy and Free France, 1940-1945

by (author) Olivier Courteaux

Tragedy at Dieppe

Operation Jubilee, August 19, 1942

by (author) Mark Zuehlke

Assault on Juno

by (author) Mark Zuehlke


The New Golden Legend of Sylvain Maréchal

by (author) Sheila Delany

Charcot in Morocco

by (author) Jean-Martin Charcot
translated by Toby Gelfand

Nature and Nurture in French Social Sciences, 1859-1914 and Beyond

by (author) Martin S. Staum

Nature and Nurture in French Social Sciences, 1859–1914 and Beyond

by (author) Martin S. Staum

Friar of Carcassonne, The

Revolt Against the Inquisition in the Last Days of the Cathars

by (author) Stephen O'Shea

One Woman's War

A Canadian Reporter with the Free French

by (author) Gladys Arnold

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