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Passion and Restraint

Poles and Poland in Western Diplomacy, 1914-1921

by (author) Denis Clark

Revolutionary Aftereffects

Material, Social, and Cultural Legacies of 1917 in Russia Today

edited by Megan Swift

Life and Death in Revolutionary Ukraine

Living Conditions, Violence, and Demographic Catastrophe, 1917-1923

by (author) Stephen Velychenko

Open Letters

Russian Popular Culture and the Picture Postcard, 1880-1922

by (author) Alison Rowley

Unequal under Socialism

Race, Women, and Transnationalism in Bulgaria

by (author) Miglena S. Todorova

Dostoevsky at 200

The Novel in Modernity

edited by Katherine Bowers & Kate Holland

Ukraine, the Middle East, and the West

by (author) Thomas M. Prymak

Citizens without Borders

Yugoslavia and Its Migrant Workers in Western Europe

by (author) Brigitte Le Normand

Superfluous Women

Art, Feminism, and Revolution in Twenty-First-Century Ukraine

by (author) Jessica Zychowicz

War and Enlightenment in Russia

Military Culture in the Age of Catherine II

by (author) Eugene Miakinkov

Transformation on the Southern Ukrainian Steppe

Letters and Papers of Johann Cornies, Volume II: 1836-1842

edited by Harvey L. Dyck & John R. Staples
edited and translated by Ingrid I. Epp

Scholars in Exile

The Ukrainian Intellectual World in Interwar Czechoslovakia

by (author) Nadia Zavorotna

Colonizing Russia's Promised Land

Orthodoxy and Community on the Siberian Steppe

by (author) Aileen E. Friesen

Lviv's Uncertain Destination

A City and Its Train Terminal from Franz Joseph I to Brezhnev

by (author) Andriy Zayarnyuk

Making and Remaking the Balkans

Nations and States since 1878

by (author) Robert Clegg Austin

Military Masculinity and Postwar Recovery in the Soviet Union

by (author) Erica L. Fraser

Making and Remaking Balkans

Nations and States since 1878

by (author) Robert Clegg Austin

Historical Atlas of Central Europe

Third Revised and Expanded Edition

by (author) Paul Robert Magocsi

Last Judgment Iconography in the Carpathians

by (author) John-Paul Himka

Czech Refugees in Cold War Canada


by (author) Jan Raska

The Labyrinth of Dangerous Hours

A Memoir of the Second World War

by (author) Lilka Trzcinska-Croydon
foreword by Norman Davies

Perogies and Politics

Canada's Ukrainian Left, 1891-1991

by (author) Rhonda L. Hinther

Minority Report

Mennonite Identities in Imperial Russia and Soviet Ukraine Reconsidered, 1789-1945

edited by Leonard G. Friesen

Carpathian Rus'

A Historical Atlas

by (author) Paul Robert Magocsi

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