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Fort Henry

An Illustrated History

by (author) Stephen Mecredy

The Viking Immigrants

Icelandic North Americans

by (author) L.K. Bertram

Purchasing Power

Women and the Rise of Canadian Consumer Culture

by (author) Donica Belisle

NL Snowmageddon 2020

by (author) Nick Cranford

Andrew Fernando Holmes

Protestantism, Medicine, and Science in Nineteenth-Century Montreal

by (author) Richard Vaudry

Challenge the Strong Wind

Canada and East Timor, 1975–99

by (author) David Webster

Closing Sysco

Industrial Decline in Atlantic Canada's Steel City

by (author) Lachlan MacKinnon

Mahler's Forgotten Conductor

Heinz Unger and His Search for Jewish Meaning, 1895-1965

by (author) Hernan Tesler-Mabé

The Viking Immigrants

Icelandic North Americans

by (author) Laurie K. Bertram

The Greater Gulf

Essays on the Environmental History of the Gulf of St Lawrence

edited by Claire Elizabeth Campbell, Edward MacDonald & Brian Payne

Nights below Foord Street

Literature and Popular Culture in Post-Industrial Nova Scotia

by (author) Peter Thompson

Not for King or Country

Edward Cecil-Smith, the Communist Party of Canada, and the Spanish Civil War

by (author) Tyler Wentzell

The Audacity of His Enterprise

Louis Riel and the Métis Nation That Canada Never Was, 1840-1875

by (author) M. Max Hamon


The Life and Death of Albert Goodwin

by (author) Susan Mayse

Eerie Edmonton

by (author) Rhonda Parrish
with Rona Anderson

Ordinary Saints

Women, Work, and Faith in Newfoundland

by (author) Bonnie Morgan

Hell's Flames to Heaven's Gate

A History of the Roman Catholic Church in Newfoundland

by (author) Jack Fitzgerald

Just Watch Me

Remembering Pierre Trudeau

by (author) Larry Zolf

Let the People Speak

Opression in a Time of Reconciliation

by (author) Sheilla Jones

Professional Autonomy and the Public Interest

The Barristers' Society and Nova Scotia's Lawyers, 1825-2005

by (author) Barry Cahill

Quebec in the Mid-Sixties

Photographs by Jean-Louis Anctil

by (author) Pierre Anctil
translated by Louis Anctil

À Québec au cœur des années 1960

Photographies de Jean-Louis Anctil

by (author) Pierre Anctil

A Short History of Manitoba

by (author) Ed Whitcomb

Wounded Feelings

Litigating Emotions in Quebec, 1870-1950

by (author) Eric H. Reiter

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