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How to Expect What You're Not Expecting

Stories of Pregnancy, Parenthood, and Loss

edited by Jessica Hiemstra & Lisa Martin-Demoor
foreword by Kim Jernigan

Be That Mom

Ignite your Passions, Organize your Life & Embrace your Family

by (author) Tina O'Connor

Don't Lick the Minivan

And Other Things I Never Thought I'd Say to My Kids

by (author) Leanne Shirtliffe

Mommyblogs and the Changing Face of Motherhood

by (author) May Friedman

Raising Boys in a New Kind of World

by (author) Michael Reist

Practicing Feminist Mothering

by (author) Fiona Green

Welcome to the Departure Lounge

Adventures in Mothering Mother

by (author) Meg Federico

Not Guilty

My Guide to Working Hard, Raising Kids and Laughing through the Chaos

by (author) Debbie Travis

Who's Your Daddy?

And Other Writings on Queer Parenting

edited by Rachel Epstein
contributions by Melissa Hart, Emma Donoghue, Syrus Marcus Ware, Shira Spector, Suzanne Pelka, Aviva Rubin, Allison Eady, Lori E. Ross, Scott Andersen, Rebecca Trotzky-Sirr, Maura Ryan, Derek P. Scott, Anika Stafford, Nancy Nicol, LGBT Family Coalition, Lois Fine, Diane Flacks, David Rayside, Becky Idems, Adinne Schwartz, Jamie K. Evans, Karleen Pendleton Jimenez, Cindy Holmes, Anne Fleming, N. Gitanjali Lena, Toby Hill-Meyer, Serena Patterson, Julie Mooney-Somers, Eamon Somers, Makeda Silvera, Elizabeth Ruth, christina starr, Shelley M. Park, Jaime Grant, Joanna Radbord, Allesandra (Alex) Iantaffi, Laurie Bell & Jonathan Feakins
interviewee Chris Veldhoven, Thom Vernon, Anne-Marie MacDonald & Single Moms Group

Between Interruptions

30 Women Tell the Truth About Motherhood

by (author) Cori Howard
prepared for publication by Key Porter Books

Great Expectations

Twenty-Four True Stories about Childbirth

translated by Lisa Moore & Dede Crane

Toddlers Gone Wild

Rants From a Mommy Brain

by (author) Rebecca Eckler


Life with a Pint-Sized Dictator

by (author) Rebecca Eckler

Better Breastfeeding

A Mother's Guide to Feeding and Nutrition

by (author) Daina Kalnins, Debbie Stone & Joyce Touw

Healthy Mum, Happy Baby

How to Feed Yourself When You're Breastfeeding Your Baby

by (author) Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit


Life with a Pint-Sized Dictator

by (author) Rebecca Eckler

With Child

Substance Use During Pregnancy, A Woman-Centred Approach

edited by Susan C. Boyd & Lenora Marcellus

Baby Chronicles Pregnancy Planner

A Monthly Calendar that Begins Whenever You Do

by (author) Dania Lebovics
illustrated by Lam Quach


Power and Oppression

edited by Andrea O'Reilly, Marie Porter & Patricia Short

Area Woman Blows Gasket

Tales from the Domestic Frontier

by (author) Patricia Pearson

Shadow Child

A Woman's Journey Through Childbirth Loss

by (author) Beth Powning

Fleeting Years, The

A Mother's Journal

by (author) Laura Pratt

Knocked Up

Confessions of a Modern Mother-to-be

by (author) Rebecca Eckler


Making It Work for You

by (author) Jo Lamble & Sue Morris
by (photographer) David Hancock

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