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Engaging With Indigenous Narratives and Cultural Expressions In and Beyond the Classroom

edited by Katya Adamov Ferguson & Christine M'Lot
by (author) K.C. Adams, Sonya Ballantyne, Charlene Bearhead, Wilson Bearhead, Lisa Boivin, Rita Bouvier, Nicola I. Campbell, Sara Florence Davidson, Louise B. Halfe, Lucy Hemphill, Wanda John-Kehewin, Elizabeth LaPensee, Victoria McIntosh, Reanna Merasty, David A. Robertson, Russell Wallace & Christina Lavalley Ruddy

Teacher Guide for the Sk'ad'a Stories

Intergenerational Learning and Storytelling in the Classroom

by (author) Katya Adamov Ferguson & Sara Florence Davidson

Teacher Guide for Sugar Falls

Learning About the History and Legacy of Residential Schools in Grades 9–12

by (author) Christine M'Lot

The World Today

Its People and Places

by (author) Linda Connor, William Norton & Michele Visser-Wikkerink

Canada, A Country of Change

1867 to Present

by (author) Graham Broad & Mathew Rankin

People and Stories of Canada to 1867

by (author) Michele Visser-Wikkerink & E. Leigh Syms

The Humanities in Canada

by (author) F.E.L. Priestley

Orca Origins Teacher Guide

by (author) Tasha Henry

Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Schools

by (author) Pamela Rose Toulouse

Real Justice Teacher's Resource Guide

by (author) Larry Swartz

Orca Curriculum Connections: I.D.

by (author) Kate Schoedinger

Orca Curriculum Connections: Stuffed

by (author) Kate Schoedinger

Orca Curriculum Connections: Marked

by (author) Kate Schoedinger

Truth in Play

Drama Strategies for Building Meaningful Performances

by (author) Debbie Nyman, Jill Lloyd-Jones & David S. Craig

Stepping Into Drama

A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Elementary Classroom

by (author) George Belliveau

Sanctioned Ignorance

The Politics of Knowledge Production and the Teaching of the Literatures of Canada

by (author) Paul Martin


Theatre Projects from Classroom to Stage

by (author) Talia Pura

Discover LAW through ART

Connecting art, science and law to stimulate creativity

by (author) San Persand

Exploring the Math and Art Connection

Teaching and Learning Between the Lines

by (author) Daniel Jarvis & Irene Naested

Critical Perspectives in Canadian Music Education

edited by Carol A. Beynon & Kari K. Veblen

The First Nations Series for Young Readers Teacher Resource

by (author) Shawntelle Nesbitt

The Kids' Power Series Teacher Resource

by (author) Shawntelle Nesbitt

Orca Young Readers CD Resource Guide

compiled by Orca Various

Orca Echoes CD Resource Guide

compiled by Orca Various

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