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Transverse Disciplines

Queer-Feminist, Anti-racist, and Decolonial Approaches to the University

edited by Simone Pfleger & Carrie Smith

Wayi Wah! Indigenous Pedagogies

An Act for Reconciliation and Anti-Racist Education

by (author) Jo Chrona

Ivan Illich Fifty Years Later

Situating Deschooling Society in His Intellectual and Personal Journey

by (author) Rosa Bruno-Jofré & Jon Igelmo Zaldívar

The New Spirit of Creativity

Work, Compromise, and the Art and Design University

by (author) Saara Liinamaa

Taoism, Teaching, and Learning

A Nature-Based Approach to Education

by (author) John P. Miller
with Xiang Li & Tian Ruan

Braided Learning

Illuminating Indigenous Presence through Art and Story

by (author) Susan D. Dion

Hope in a Collapsing World

Youth, Theatre, and Listening as a Political Alternative

by (author) Kathleen Gallagher
with Andrew Kushnir

Religious Diversity in Canadian Public Schools

Rethinking the Role of Law

by (author) Dia Dabby

The Elective Mind

Philosophy and the Undergraduate Degree

by (author) Réal Fillion
cover design or artwork by Monique Fillion

Thomas Reid and the University

by (author) Thomas Reid
edited by Paul Wood
translated by Alexander Broadie

The Grammar Rules of Affection

Passion and Pedagogy in Sidney, Shakespeare, and Jonson

by (author) Ross Knecht

Global Citizenship Education

Challenges and Successes

edited by Eva Aboagye & S. Nombuso Dlamini

Colour Matters

Essays on the Experiences, Education, and Pursuits of Black Youth

by (author) Carl E. James

The University and Social Justice

Struggles across the Globe

edited by Aziz Choudry & Salim Vally

Knowings and Knots

Methodologies and Ecologies in Research-Creation

edited by Natalie Loveless
contributions by Carolina Cambre, Owen Chapman, Paul Couillard, T.L. Cowan, John Cussans, Randy Lee Cutler, Petra Hroch, Rachelle Viader Knowles, Glen Lowry, Erin Manning, Sourayan Mookerjea, Natasha Myers, Simon Pope, Stephanie Springgay & Sarah E. Truman

Knowing the Past, Facing the Future

Indigenous Education in Canada

edited by Sheila Carr-Stewart

Educationalization and Its Complexities

Religion, Politics, and Technology

edited by Rosa Bruno-Jofré

Indigenous Education

New Directions in Theory and Practice

edited by Huia Tomlins-Jahnke, Sandra D. Styres, Spencer Lilley & Dawn Zinga
foreword by Linda Tuhiwai Smith
contributions by Jill Bevan-Brown, Frank Deer, Wiremu Doherty, Dwayne Donald, Ngarewa Hawera, Margie Hohepa, Robert Jahnke, Patricia Maringi G. Johnston, Daniel Lipe, Margaret J. Maaka, Angela Nardozi, Katrina-Ann R. Kapāʻanaokalāokeola Nākoa Oliveira, Wally Penetito, Michelle Pidgeon, Leonie Pihama, Jean-Paul Restoule, Mari Ropata-Te Hei, Sam L. No‘eau Warner & K. Laiana Wong

Teacher Guide for KC Adams' Perception: A Photo Series

by (author) Reuben Boulette

Moving Images of Eternity

George Grant’s Critique of Time, Teaching, and Technology

by (author) William F. Pinar

Roads to Maturity/Vers La Maturité

Proceedings of the Second Canadian Conference on Children/Déliberations de la second Conférence Canadienne de l'Enfance Montréal, October 31-November 4, 1965

edited by Margery King

Love and Compassion

Exploring Their Role in Education

by (author) John P. Miller

Little Red Wagon

A Faith-based Approach to the First Principles of Learning

by (author) David Banman

Catholic Education in the Wake of Vatican II

edited by Rosa Bruno-Jofré & Jon Igelmo Zaldívar

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