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Seniors’ Learning in the Digital Age

by (author) Dianne Conrad

Ivan Illich Fifty Years Later

Situating Deschooling Society in His Intellectual and Personal Journey

by (author) Rosa Bruno-Jofré & Jon Igelmo Zaldívar

For the Love of Learning

A Year in the Life of a School Principal

by (author) Kristin Phillips

Troubling Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Education

Critical Perspectives

edited by Sandra D. Styres & Arlo Kempf
foreword by Jan Hare

Making the Case

2SLGBTQ+ Rights and Religion in Schools

by (author) Donn Short, Bruce MacDougall & Paul T. Clarke

Nothing Less than Great

Reforming Canada's Universities

by (author) Harvey P. Weingarten

Global University Rankings and the Politics of Knowledge

edited by Michelle Stack

Global Citizenship Education

Challenges and Successes

edited by Eva Aboagye & S. Nombuso Dlamini

International Education as Public Policy in Canada

edited by Merli Tamtik, Roopa Desai Trilokekar & Glen A. Jones

Collaborative Creativity Idea Book for Educators

Activities, Tactics and Strategies for Building a Collaborative Culture of Creativity

by (author) Robert Kelly, Stephanie Bartlett, Keith Christensen, Erin Quinn & Carla-Jayne Samuelson

Learning to Leave

The Irony of Schooling in a Coastal Community

by (author) Michael Corbett

Public Education, Neoliberalism, and Teachers

New York, Mexico City, Toronto

by (author) Paul Bocking

The Attack on Nova Scotia Schools

The Story Behind 25 Years of Tumultuous Change

by (author) Grant Frost

The University and Social Justice

Struggles across the Globe

edited by Aziz Choudry & Salim Vally

Collaborative Creativity

Educating for Creative Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

by (author) Robert Kelly

Authorization of Textbooks for the Schools of Ontario 1846-1950

by (author) Viola Elizabeth Parvin

Captive Audience

How Corporations Invaded Our Schools

by (author) Catherine Gidney

Outward and Upward Mobilities

International Students in Canada, Their Families, and Structuring Institutions

by (author) Ann Kim & Min-Jung Kwak


The Making of a University

by (author) Arthur Morton
edited by Carlyle King

Teachers of the Foothills Province

The Story of The Alberta Teachers' Association

by (author) John Chalmers

New Designs for Learning

Highlights of the Reports of the Ontario Curriculum Institute, 1963-1966

edited by Brian Burnham

Postsecondary Education in British Columbia

Public Policy and Structural Development, 1960–2015

by (author) Robert Cowin

Helping Children Succeed

What Works and Why

by (author) Paul Tough

Homophobia in the Hallways

Heterosexism and Transphobia in Canadian Catholic Schools

by (author) Tonya D. Callaghan

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