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Leading for Equity and Social Justice

Systemic Transformation in Canadian Education

edited by Andréanne Gélinas-Proulx & Carolyn M. Shields

The Attack on Nova Scotia Schools

The Story Behind 25 Years of Tumultuous Change

by (author) Grant Frost

The Politics of Education

A Study of the Political Administration of the Public Schools

by (author) Frank MacKinnon

University Commons Divided

Exploring Debate & Dissent on Campus

by (author) Peter MacKInnon

Leading in a Culture of Change

by (author) Michael Fullan
read by Brad Smith

Constance Maynard's Passions

Religion, Sexuality, and an English Educational Pioneer, 1849-1935

by (author) Pauline A. Phipps

Public Attitudes Towards Education in Ontario, 1998:

12th OISE Survey

by (author) D.W. Livingstone, D. Hart & Lynn E. Davie

Administrative Discretion in Education

edited by Michael Manley-Casimir & Alesha D. Moffat

Flexible Pedagogy, Flexible Practice

Notes from the Trenches of Distance Education

edited by Elizabeth Burge, Chère Campbell Gibson & Terry Gibson

The Principal’s Office and Beyond

Public School Leadership in British Columbia, 1849-1960

by (author) Thomas Fleming

Growth and Governance of Canadian Universities

An Insider's View

by (author) Howard C. Clark

Legal Dimensions of Education

Implications for Teachers and School Administrators

by (author) Jerome G. Delaney

Creating Citizens

History and Identity in Alberta's Schools, 1905 to1980

by (author) Amy von Heyking

Examining the Practice of School Administration in Canada

edited by Helen D. Armstrong

Son of Quebec, A

memoir by Andrew Roy

Meeting of the People

School Boards and Protestant Communities in Quebec, 1801B1998

by (author) Roderick MacLeod & Mary Anne Poutanen

The Learning School

An Organisation Development Approach

by (author) Sue Davidoff & Sandy Lazarus

Access and Equity in the University

A Collection of Papers from the 30th Anniversary Conference of the Transistional Year Programme, University of Toronto

edited by Keren Brathwaite

Visiting Scholar

A Reader for Educational Leaders

by (author) Geoffrey B. Isherwood
edited by Judith Isherwood & Patrick A. Baker

The Role of the Principal in Canada

by (author) Hope-Arlene Fennell

Mergers in Higher Education

Lessons from Theory and Experience

by (author) Julia Eastman & Daniel W. Lang

Public Attitudes Towards Education in Ontario 1998

The Twelfth OISE/UT Survey

by (author) D.W. Livingstone, D. Hart & Lynn Davie

Public Attitudes Towards Education in On

The Twelfth OISE/UT Survey

by (author) D.W. Livingstone, D. Hart & Lynn E. Davie

Gentleman and A Scholar

by (author) Sharen McDonald

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