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H of H Playbook

by (author) Anne Carson

Euripidean Drama

Myth, Theme and Structure

by (author) Desmond Conacher

Antigone Undone

Juliette Binoche, Anne Carson, Ivo van Hove, and the Art of Resistance

by (author) Will Aitken

Roman Literary Cultures

Domestic Politics, Revolutionary Poetics, Civic Spectacle

edited by Alison Keith & Jonathan Edmondson

Privacy in the Age of Shakespeare

by (author) Ronald Huebert

The Rise of the Diva on the Sixteenth-Century Commedia dell'Arte Stage

by (author) Rosalind Kerr

Taking Exception to the Law

Materializing Injustice in Early Modern English Literature

edited by Donald Beecher, Travis DeCook, Andrew Wallace & Grant Williams

Antigone v. Creon

Sophocles's Antigone as a Courtroom Drama

by (author) Roger S. Fisher

An Oresteia

Agamemnon by Aiskhylos; Elektra by Sophokles; Orestes by Euripides

translated by Anne Carson
by (author) Aeschylus & Sophocles

'Bring furth the pagants'

Essays in Early English Drama presented to Alexandra F. Johnston

edited by David Klausner & Karen S. Marsalek

REED in Review

Essays in Celebration of the First Twenty-Five Years

edited by Audrey Douglas & Sally-Beth Maclean


edited by David Klausner

Euripides' Use of Psychological Terminology

by (author) Shirley D. Sullivan

Sophocles, Use of Psychological Terminology

Old and New

by (author) Shirley D. Sullivan


The Earlier Plays and Related Studies

by (author) D.J. Conacher

Allegories of Kingship

Calderón and the Anti-Machiavellian Tradition

by (author) Stephen Rupp

Allegories of Kingship

Calderón and the Anti-Machiavellian Tradition

by (author) Stephen Rupp

Psychological Activity in Homer

A Study of Phren

by (author) Shirley D. Sullivan

The Orators in Cicero's Brutus

Prosopography and Chronology

by (author) G.V. Sumner