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April in Paris

April in Paris

Theatricality, Modernism, and Poltics at the 1925 Art Deco Expo
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MONA closes her eyes. MIMMO begins to hum his theme softly. His voice is tired and faint. As he sings, MONA begins to relax completely.From somewhere in the distance, the boy's voice joins MIMMO's. He puts his hand on Mona's temples and pulls the migraine from her head. There is pain in his face as he does this. He blows it into the wind. The boy with the umbrella is running along as the migraine floats in the direction of the woman, LA STREGA NERA.LA STREGA and MIMMO look at each other for a moment.MIMMO: You.STREGA: You.MIMMO: Here we are. I knew it.STREGA: Something is coming. LA STREGA disappears. MIMMO is alone for a moment. MONA stirs.MIMMO: Mona, Mona, you're back, my little chipmunk?MONA: I'm back.MIMMO: Good.MONA: No more headache.MIMMO: That's my girl.MONA: Thank you.MIMMO: You're welcome.MONA: Was I gone long?MIMMO: No time at all.MONA: And now, pasta sauce.MIMMO: Pasta Sauce!MONA: I promised.MIMMO: First the onions!He motions to the table where there is a pile of onions.MONA: We're starting with the worst part.MIMMO: Then it'll be over. The only way to build up the resistance is to do it.MONA: I cry every time. Maybe I'll never build up the resistance.MIMMO: But you never stop trying. That's the point. I bought fifty onions.MONA: Trial by fire.MIMMO: Making sauce, Mona, it's in your blood. Once you learn, you can never unlearn. You're also extremely fortunate because you have the world's best teacher.MONA: Right.MIMMO: Assume your post. Are you ready?MONA: Um --MIMMO: Go! They start chopping the onions. They both start crying. Despite the tears, they keep chopping. Their tears turn to laughter.A sudden loud car crash. Blackness. The beating of a heart monitor.A hospital room. MONA sits watching MIMMO's lifeless body. A moment.

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