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I Am Odd, I Am New

by (author) Benjamin Giroux
illustrated by Roz Maclean

Math Hacks 2

Stress Less + Do Better

by (author) Vanessa Vakharia
illustrated by Hyein Lee

Aggie and Mudgy

The Journey of Two Kaska Dena Children

by (author) Wendy Proverbs

Biographie en images : Voici David Suzuki

by (author) Elizabeth MacLeod
illustrated by Mike Deas

My Art, My World

by (author) Rita Winkler
with Mark Winkler & Helen Winkler


Homelessness in Our Community

by (author) Lois Peterson
illustrated by Taryn Gee

From the Tops of the Trees

by (author) Kao Kalia Yang
illustrated by Rachel Wada


Women With Disabilities

by (author) Helen Wolfe
illustrated by Karen Patkau

When I Feel

Easy Yoga for Big Feelings

by (author) Kathy Beliveau
illustrated by Julie McLaughlin
photographs by Jesse Holland

On the Playground

Our First Talk About Prejudice

by (author) Jillian Roberts
illustrated by Jane Heinrichs

Indestructibles: Happy and You Know It!

Chew Proof · Rip Proof · Nontoxic · 100% Washable (Book for Babies, Newborn Books, Safe to Chew)

by (author) Amy Pixton
illustrated by Vanja Kragulj

The Magic Beads

by (author) Susin Nielsen-Fernlund
illustrated by Geneviève Côté

Growing Up Trans

In Our Own Words

edited by Lindsay Herriot & Kate Fry

White Privilege

Deal with it in all fairness

by (author) Catherine Inglis
illustrated by Wang Xulin

A Giant Man from a Tiny Town

A Story of Angus MacAskill

by (author) Tom Ryan
illustrated by Christopher Hoyt

Baby Faces Feelings

by (author) HarperCollins Publishers Canada

Carry On

Poetry by Young Immigrants

by (author) Various contributors
illustrated by Rogé Girard


A Picture Book

by (author) Thao Lam

How to Become an Accidental Activist

by (author) Elizabeth MacLeod & Frieda Wishinsky
illustrated by Jenn Playford

Body Image

Deal with it because all bodies are great bodies

by (author) Tierra Hohn
illustrated by Marne Grahlman

How's Peanut?

by (author) Brenda Redman
illustrated by Wendi Nordell

Finding Home

The Journey of Immigrants and Refugees

by (author) Jen Sookfong Lee
illustrated by Drew Shannon

Et si on parlait des Préjugés “

by (author) Jillian Roberts
illustrated by Jane Heinrichs
translated by Olivier Bilodeau

Et si on parlait d'Internet “

by (author) Jillian Roberts
illustrated by Jane Heinrichs
translated by Olivier Bilodeau

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