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Chasing Bats and Tracking Rats

Urban Ecology, Community Science, and How We Share Our Cities

by (author) Cylita Guy
illustrated by Cornelia Li

My Book of Butterflies

illustrated by Geraldo Valerio

De la crème glacée pour les lézards?

Comment les animaux se rafraîchissent

by (author) Etta Kaner
illustrated by Jenna Piechota

A Forest in the City

by (author) Andrea Curtis
illustrated by Pierre Pratt

Watch It Grow: Backyard Life Cycles

Backyard Life Cycles

illustrated by Barbara Reid


An Owner's Handbook

illustrated by Carolyn Fisher

Acting Wild

How We Behave Like Birds, Bugs, and Beasts

by (author) Maria Birmingham
illustrated by Dave Whamond

The Scoop on Poop: The Fascinating Science of How Animals Use Poop

by (author) Wayne Lynch

Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate?

How Animals Keep Warm

by (author) Etta Kaner
illustrated by John Martz

ABCs of Biology

by (author) Chris Ferrie & Cara Florance

How Animals Survive in the Cold

English Edition

by (author) Kelly Graham
illustrated by Kim Smith

Apprendre avec Scholastic : Tourne et regarde : Je grandis

by (author) Scholastic Canada Ltd.

My Human Body Coloring Book

by (author) George Toufexis

When Planet Earth Was New

by (author) James Gladstone
illustrated by Katherine Diemert

Be a Night Detective

Solving the Mysteries of Twilight, Dusk, and Nightfall

by (author) Peggy Kochanoff

I Am Josephine

(And I Am a Living Thing)

by (author) Jan Thornhill
illustrated by Jacqui Lee

Be a Pond Detective

Solving the Mysteries of Lakes, Swamps, and Pools

by (author) Peggy Kochanoff

My Book of Birds

illustrated by Geraldo Valerio

Be a Beach Detective

Solving the Mysteries of Lakes, Swamps, and Pools

by (author) Peggy Kochanoff

Weird Facts about the Human Body

by (author) Tamara Einstein

It's Catching

The Infectious World of Germs and Microbes

by (author) Jennifer Gardy
illustrated by Josh Holinaty

Stink It Up!

A Guide to the Gross, the Bad, and the Smelly

by (author) Megan McDonald
illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Alien Invaders

Species That Threaten Our World

by (author) Jane Drake & Ann Love
illustrated by Mark Thurman

The Natural World

by (author) Jon Richards
illustrated by Ed Simkins

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