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At the Poles

by (author) David Elliott
illustrated by Ellen Rooney

The Museum on the Moon

The Curious Objects on the Lunar Surface

by (author) Irene Latham
illustrated by Myriam Wares

Kaboom! A Volcano Erupts

by (author) Jessica Kulekjian
illustrated by Zoe Si

Super Small

Miniature Marvels of the Natural World

by (author) Tiffany Stone
illustrated by Ashley Spires

Harboring Hope

The True Story of How Henny Sinding Helped Denmark's Jews Escape the Nazis

by (author) Susan Hood

Alias Anna

A True Story of Outwitting the Nazis

by (author) Susan Hood & Greg Dawson

Animals Move

by (author) Jane Whittingham

Listen Up! Train Song

by (author) Victoria Allenby

I Am Odd, I Am New

by (author) Benjamin Giroux
illustrated by Roz MacLean

Carry On

Poetry by Young Immigrants

by (author) Various contributors
illustrated by Rogé Girard

I'm Finding My Talk

by (author) Rebecca Thomas
illustrated by Pauline Young

I Lost My Talk

by (author) Rita Joe
illustrated by Pauline Young

The Last Straw: Kids vs. Plastics

by (author) Susan Hood
illustrated by Christiane Engel

Shape Up, Construction Trucks!

by (author) Victoria Allenby

So Imagine Me

Nature Riddles in Poetry

by (author) Lynn Davies
illustrated by Chrissie Park-MacNeil

I Lost My Talk

by (author) Rita Joe
illustrated by Pauline Young


by (author) Jeanne Painchaud
translated by Katia Grubisic

Summer Days Fall Days

by (author) Kate Colley
illustrated by Dale Nigel Goble

Winter Days Spring Days

by (author) Kate Colley
illustrated by Dale Nigel Goble

A Likkle Miss Lou

How Jamaican Poet Louise Bennett Coverley Found Her Voice

by (author) Nadia L. Hohn
illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes

Nootka Sound In Harmony

Aboriginal Connections

by (author) Spencer Sheehan-Kalina
illustrated by Kim Nixon


by (author) Caroline Pignat
illustrated by Francois Thisdale

Turtle Pond

by (author) James Gladstone
illustrated by Karen Reczuch

Can I Touch Your Hair?

Poems of Race, Mistakes, and Friendship

by (author) Irene Latham & Charles Waters
illustrated by Selina Alko & Sean Qualls

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