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Putting On a Show

Putting On a Show

Theater for Young People
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tagged : theater, drama
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Six Fantasy Plays for Children
edited by Joyce Doolittle
tagged : drama
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Much Ado About Nothing for Kids

Beatrice approached, with Claudio by the hand,
"I've brought the Count, as was your command."
Don Pedro inquired, "My friend, why are you sad?
What's wrong with you, Claudio? Are you sick, my lad?"
But this faulty notion, Beatrice tried to dispel,
"The Count is neither sad, nor sick, nor merry, nor well.
He's jealous and thinks you tricked him, my lord!"
"Claudio, your beliefs are false!" the Prince deplored.
"I have wooed in thy name and fair Hero is won,
Her father has consented. Now my job is done."
Then Leonato arrived with Hero by his side.
"Count Claudio, take my sweet daughter for your bride."
The young man was speechless and knew not what to do.
"Speak, Count!" urged Beatrice, "Tis your cue!"
Claudio stammered, "Dear Hero, my heart soars."
He promised, "Lady, as you are mine, I am yours!"
Beatrice prompted Hero, "Speak cousin, or, if you cannot,
Stop his mouth with a kiss. Give it your best shot!"
Any thoughts of betrayal they would now replace,
And soon the two were locked in a loving embrace.
Don Pedro chuckled, "Beatrice, you have a merry heart!"
Beatrice confided, "It keeps sorrow apart!
Everyone in the world has a mate but I.
Good Lord, send me a husband, by and by.!"
The Prince interrupted with his own plea,
"I will get you one. How about me?"
"No, my lord, I was born to speak all mirth and jest."
Don Pedro laughed, "Being merry suits you best."


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