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The Long History of Human Barriers and Why We Build Them

by (author) Gregor Craigie
illustrated by Arden Taylor


How Humans Live Together

by (author) Megan Clendenan
illustrated by Suharu Ogawa

I Love My City

by (author) France Desmarais & Richard Adam
illustrated by Yves Dumont
translated by Nicholas Aumais

Why Humans Build Up

The Rise of Towers, Temples and Skyscrapers

by (author) Gregor Craigie
illustrated by Kathleen Fu

Take Shelter

At Home Around the World

by (author) Nikki Tate & Dani Tate-Stratton

Amazing Animal Homes

by (author) Tamara Einstein

A Book of Bridges

Here To There and Me To You

by (author) Cheryl Keely
illustrated by Celia Krampien


illustrated by Benoit Tardif

Earth-Friendly Buildings, Bridges and More

The Eco-Journal of Corry Lapont

by (author) Etta Kaner
illustrated by Stephen MacEachern

Look at That Building!

A First Book of Structures

illustrated by Scot Ritchie

Watch This Space

Designing, Defending and Sharing Public Spaces

by (author) Hadley Dyer
illustrated by Marc Ngui

Meet my neighbor, the builder

by (author) Marc Crabtree

The Man Who Made Parks

The Story of Parkbuilder Frederick Law Olmsted

by (author) Frieda Wishinsky
illustrated by Song Nan Zhang

The House That Max Built

by (author) Maxwell Newhouse

It's Your Room

A Decorating Guide for Real Kids

by (author) Janice Weaver & Frieda Wishinsky
illustrated by Claudia Dávila

Fantastic Feats and Failures

by (author) Editors of YES Mag

Building America

by (author) Janice Weaver
illustrated by Bonnie Shemie

Building Canada

by (author) Bonnie Shemie

Everyday Structures from A to Z

by (author) Bobbie Kalman

Mounds of earth and shell

Native Sites: the Southeast

by (author) Bonnie Shemie