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by (author) Amy Culliford
translated by Jean Pierre Gaston

Do Lizards Eat Ice Cream?

How Animals Beat the Heat

by (author) Etta Kaner
illustrated by Jenna Piechota

I Am a Polar Bear

by (author) Paul Covello

Canada Fun!

by (author) Paul Covello

Animals of the world

text by Claire Chabot & Danielle Robichaud
translated by Ann Marie Boulanger

Creepy Crawlies

by (author) Wendy Einstein

Lake: A See to Learn Book

by (author) Kate Moss Gamblin
illustrated by Karen Patkau

So Imagine Me

Nature Riddles in Poetry

by (author) Lynn Davies
illustrated by Chrissie Park-MacNeil

Gross & Disgusting Nature

by (author) Wendy Einstein

Eat Your Rocks, Croc!: Dr. Glider's Advice for Troubled Animals

by (author) Jess Keating
illustrated by Pete Oswald

What Arctic Animals Eat (Inuinnaqtun)

by (author) Inhabit Education

Food We Get From The Land

Inuinnaqtun Edition

by (author) Inhabit Education

Nalik Plays in the Snow

Inuinnaqtun Edition

by (author) Danny Christopher
illustrated by Astrid Arijanto

A Last Goodbye

by (author) Elin Kelsey
illustrated by Soyeon Kim

Running Wild

Awesome Animals in Motion

by (author) Galadriel Watson
illustrated by Samantha Dixon

Boreal Forest, The

A Year in the World’s Largest Land Biome

by (author) L.E. Carmichael
illustrated by Josée Bisaillon

Wildlife in the City

by (author) Diane Swanson
illustrated by Douglas Penhale

Wanted! Criminals of the Animal Kingdom

by (author) Heather Tekavec
illustrated by Susan Batori

I Am a Beaver

by (author) Paul Covello

Du chocolat chaud pour les grenouilles?

Comment les animaux se réchauffent

by (author) Etta Kaner
illustrated by John Martz

Arctic Animal Food Chains

English Edition

by (author) Jordan Hoffman

Uliaq's Amazing Animals: Caribou

Inuktitut Edition

by (author) Danny Christopher
illustrated by Amiel Sandland

Limbo con Cebras

by (author) Bace Flores
illustrated by Nguyet Anh Nguyen
translated by Eduardo Espinoza

Gross as a Snot Otter

by (author) Jess Keating

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