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Disgusting Critters: A Creepy Crawly Collection

by (author) Elise Gravel

Why Do Skunks Smell So Bad?

I Wonder

by (author) Pierre-Alexandre Bonin
illustrated by Lucile Danis Drouot

Bears, Bears, Bears for Kids

by (author) Wayne Lynch

Whales and Us

Our Shared Journey

by (author) India Desjardins
illustrated by Nathalie Dion
translated by David Warriner


Who Gives a Hoot?

by (author) Frances Backhouse

Calculating Chimpanzees, Brainy Bees, and Other Animals with Mind-Blowing Mathematical Abilities

by (author) Stephanie Gibeault
illustrated by Jaclyn Sinquett

West Coast Wild Baby Animals

by (author) Deborah Hodge
illustrated by Karen Reczuch

The Bee Mother

by (author) Hetxw’ms Gyetxw Brett D. Huson
illustrated by Natasha Donovan

A Flock of Gulls, a Chorus of Frogs

illustrated by Roy Henry Vickers
by (author) Lucky Budd

The Unlikely Hero

The Story of Wolf 8 (A Young Readers' Edition)

by (author) Rick McIntyre & David A. Poulsen

The Heart of a River

by (author) Eileen Delehanty Pearkes
illustrated by Nichola Lytle

When Nature Calls

The Unusual Bathroom Habits of the World's Creatures

by (author) Maria Birmingham
illustrated by David Whamond

Wildlife of the Arctic for Kids

by (author) Wayne Lynch

Making Sense of Dog Senses

How Our Furry Friends Experience the World

by (author) Stephanie Gibeault
illustrated by Raz Latif

The Monarch Effect: Surviving Poison, Predators, and People

by (author) Dana L. Church

Do Hippos Brush Their Teeth?

How Animals Care for Their Bodies

by (author) Etta Kaner
illustrated by Jenna Piechota

My Giant Dinosaur Book

by (author) Joanie Ferland-Globensky

My First Ontario Bird Book

by (author) Jeffrey C. Domm

Junior Encyclopedia Of Animals

by (author) Claire Chabot & Danielle Robichaud

Junior Encyclopedia Of Dinosaurs

by (author) Kim Huynh & Evelyne Gauthier

Animal Minds

What Are They Thinking?

by (author) Dana L. Church

Mighty Scared

The Amazing Ways Animals Defend Themselves

by (author) Erin Silver
illustrated by Hayden Maynard

Find Momo Everywhere

by (author) Andrew Knapp

When We Had Sled Dogs (soft cover)

A Story from the Trapline—ācimowin ohci wanihikīskanāhk

by (author) Ida Tremblay & er, Miriam Kö
illustrated by Miriam Körner

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