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Dig, Dance, Dive

How Birds Move to Survive

by (author) Etta Kaner
illustrated by June Steube

Surprising Mammals of the Ancient Arctic

English Edition

by (author) Dana Hopkins
illustrated by Aaron Edzerza

The Whale Who Swam Through Time

A Two-Hundred-Year Journey in the Arctic

illustrated by Alex Boersma
by (author) Nick Pyenson

Animals Illustrated: Ringed Seal

by (author) William Flaherty
illustrated by Sara Otterstatter

Global Ocean, The

by (author) Rochelle Strauss
illustrated by Natasha Donovan

Time to Shine

Celebrating the World’s Iridescent Animals

by (author) Karen Jameson
illustrated by Dave Murray

Do Trees Have Mothers?

by (author) Charles Bongers

Pigs (Classic Munsch Audio)

read by Robert Munsch

Who's Looking?

How Animals See the World

by (author) Carol Matas
illustrated by Cornelia Li

My First Book of Canadian Birds

by (author) Andrea Miller
illustrated by Angela Doak

How to High Tea with a Hyena (and Not Get Eaten)

A Polite Predators Book

by (author) Rachel Poliquin
illustrated by Kathryn Durst

Bugs (A Day in the Life)

What Do Bees, Ants, and Dragonflies Get up to All Day?

by (author) Jessica L. Ware & Neon Squid
illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat

Twelve in a Race

by (author) Catherine Little
by (artist) Sae Kimura

Meeka Loves Nature: Insects

Bilingual Inuktitut and English Edition

by (author) Danny Christopher
illustrated by Ali Hinch

Animals Move

by (author) Jane Whittingham

Wildlife of the Rockies for Kids

photographs by Wayne Lynch


Swimming for Survival

by (author) Rowena Rae

West Coast Wild at Low Tide

by (author) Deborah Hodge
illustrated by Karen Reczuch

Baby Loon

by (author) Aubrey Lang
photographs by Wayne Lynch

Baby Alligator

by (author) Aubrey Lang
photographs by Wayne Lynch

Baleine boréale

by (author) Joanasie Karpik
illustrated by Sho Uehara


by (author) David Aglukark & Dorothy Aglukark
illustrated by Amiel Sandland

Bœuf musqué

by (author) Allen Niptanatiak & Kagan McLeod

Big as a Giant Snail

by (author) Jess Keating
illustrated by David DeGrand

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