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by (author) Amy Culliford
translated by Jean Pierre Gaston

A Home Away from Home

True Stories of Wild Animal Sanctuaries

by (author) Nicholas Read


by (author) Wendy Einstein

Mon imagier des bébés animaux

by (author) Québec Amérique

Do Lizards Eat Ice Cream?

How Animals Beat the Heat

by (author) Etta Kaner
illustrated by Jenna Piechota

Return from Extinction

The Triumph of the Elephant Seal

by (author) Linda L. Richards

I Am a Polar Bear

by (author) Paul Covello

Canada Fun!

by (author) Paul Covello

Animals of the world

text by Claire Chabot & Danielle Robichaud
translated by Ann Marie Boulanger

Weird Ocean Creatures

by (author) Tamara Hartson

Creepy Crawlies

by (author) Wendy Einstein

Nature All Around: Birds

by (author) Pamela Hickman
illustrated by Carolyn Gavin

In the Dark

The Science of What Happens at Night

by (author) Lisa Deresti Betik
illustrated by Josh Holinaty

Lake: A See to Learn Book

by (author) Kate Moss Gamblin
illustrated by Karen Patkau

Why Do Cats Meow?

Curious Questions About Your Favorite Pets

by (author) Lily Snowden-Fine & Nick Crumpton


Saving the Fastest Bird in the World

illustrated by Celia Godkin

Knowing the Name of a Bird

by (author) Jane Yolen
illustrated by Jori van der Linde

Mega Rex

A Tyrannosaurus Named Scotty

by (author) W. Scott Persons
illustrated by Beth Zaiken

So Imagine Me

Nature Riddles in Poetry

by (author) Lynn Davies
illustrated by Chrissie Park-MacNeil

The Mosquito

by (author) Elise Gravel


by (author) Rachel Poliquin
illustrated by Nicholas John Frith


by (author) Rachel Poliquin & Nicholas John Frith


by (author) Tamara Einstein

Frogs & Toads

by (author) Tamara Einstein

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