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Piper Chen Sings

by (author) Phillipa Soo & Maris Pasquale Doran
illustrated by Qin Leng

The Other Side of Perfect

by (author) Melanie Florence & Richard Scrimger

ninitohtênân / We Listen

illustrated by Caitlin Dale Nicholson
translated by Leona Morin-Neilson

Look! Look!

by (author) Uma Krishnaswami
illustrated by Uma Krishnaswamy

Seek And Find Little Ones Canada

Seek-and-Find Little Ones

by (author) Isabelle Charbonneau

The Hockey Team My First Goal

The Hockey Team #1

by (author) Alain M. Bergeron
illustrated by Maco

What If Bedtime Didn't Exist?

by (author) Francine Cunningham
illustrated by Mathias Ball

Oma's Bag

text by Michelle Wang
illustrated by Sam Nunez

The Island

by (author) Lori Doody

The Girl Who Loved Poutine

by (author) Lorna Schultz Nicholson
illustrated by Rachel Qiuqi

The Little Regent

by (author) Yewande Daniel-Ayoade
illustrated by Ken Daley

Salma Joins the Team

by (author) Danny Ramadan
illustrated by Anna Bron

kekwan etakwak mîkisîhk?/ What’s in a Bead?

by (author) Kelsey Borgford
illustrated by Tessa Pizzale
translated by Duane Linklater & Angela Shisheesh

What's in a Bead?

by (author) Kelsey Borgford
illustrated by Tessa Pizzale

The Great Henna Party

by (author) Humera Malik
illustrated by Sonali Zohra

I'm From

by (author) Gary R. Gray
illustrated by Oge Mora

Burning Cold

An Inuit and Dene Comics Collection

by (author) Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley, Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley & Richard Van Camp

The Case of the Pilfered Pin

by (author) Michael Hutchinson

Amando, Son of the Baobab

by (author) Hélène Ducharme
illustrated by Judith Gueyfier

Zac and Zoey's Easter Egg Hunt

Zac & Zoey

by (author) Lucie Papineau
illustrated by Julie Cossette

Swimming into Trouble

by (author) Angela Ahn
illustrated by Julie Kim

A Garden Called Home

by (author) Jessica J. Lee
illustrated by Elaine Chen

La Capitale mondiale du livre

by (author) Bodour Al Qasimi
illustrated by Denise Damanti
translated by Sophie Morgan

apisîsiw shadd—Li Pchi Shadd

ācimowinis osci ujima—Aen Nistwayr di Ujima

illustrated by Miriam Körner
by (author) Alix Lwanga

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