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John Deere Kids My First Storyteller

by (author) Jack Redwing
illustrated by Katie Hickey, Brianna Gooch, Wenjia Tang, Takako Fisher, Tommy Doyle, Bao Luu & Yi-Hsuan Wu
edited by Cottage Door Press

John Deere Kids Happy Little Farm

by (author) Jack Redwing
illustrated by Tommy Doyle
edited by Cottage Door Press

Adventures on the Circle Star Ranch

by (author) Jackie Cameron
illustrated by Wendi Nordell

A Calf for Olive

by (author) Cheryl Dawn Buchan

Pasture Bedtime

Charlie's Rules #1

by (author) Sigmund Brouwer
illustrated by Sabrina Gendron

We Adopted a Baby Lamb

by (author) Lori Joy Smith

How to Bee

by (author) Bren MacDibble

Caillou and Friends (Little Detectives)

A Look and Find Book

text by Anne Paradis
illustrated by Eric Sévigny

Little Detectives at the Farm

A Look and Find Book

illustrated by Sonia Baretti
adapted by Anne Paradis

If a Horse Had Words

by (author) Kelly Cooper
illustrated by Lucy Eldridge

Little Explorers: Exploring the Farm

(A Lift the Flap Book)

illustrated by Sonia Baretti
adapted by Carine Laforest
translated by Chouette Publishing

Rooster Summer

by (author) Robert Heidbreder
illustrated by Madeline Kloepper

Bats in Trouble

by (author) Pamela McDowell
illustrated by Kasia Charko

Miriam's Secret

by (author) Debby Waldman

Lily in the Loft

by (author) Carol MacKay
illustrated by Val Moker

Behind the Moon

illustrated by Elsie Archer

When the Rain Comes

by (author) Alma Fullerton
illustrated by Kim La Fave

Blackberry Juice

by (author) Sara Cassidy
illustrated by Helen Flook

Can Hens Give Milk? Read-Along

by (author) Joan Betty Stuchner
illustrated by Joe Weissmann
read by David Skulski

Buttercup's Lovely Day Read-Along

by (author) Carolyn Beck
illustrated by Andrea Beck
read by Priscilla Holbrook

The New Land

A First Year on the Prairie

by (author) Marilynn Reynolds
illustrated by Stephen McCallum

Little Guy

by (author) Heather Gardam

Going to the Fair

by (author) Sheryl McFarlane
illustrated by Sheena Lott

Le chandail d’Amos

by (author) Janet Lunn
illustrated by Kim LaFave

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