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Sunny Days Inside

The cave twins were not allowed inside the store to help the cave mother gather food. They had to huddle in the corner of the parking lot far away from other kin groups and watch over the cave baby sleeping in the stroller. While they waited — a very long time — they discussed what cave kids must have kicked around instead of a soccer ball.

“Probably a woolly mammoth skull,” Alek said.

“That wouldn’t roll very far,” Ivan said.

But Alek was on the right track. When they looked up “what are soccer balls made of,” they learned that the inside of a soccer ball was actually called a bladder. 

“We need a bladder,” Ivan said, and they both looked over at the grocery store. 

They ended up kicking a stone around. 

“This probably is Stone Age soccer,” Alek said. “Hunter-gatherers only used stone tools, right?” Both boys pictured the tools they’d seen online. Paleolithic spears and axes.

All at once they came to the same realization, which often happens with twins.

“What are we doing kicking this stone around? We should be hunting!”

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