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Daddy's Arms

by (author) Fabian E. Ferguson
illustrated by Veronika Kim


by (author) Marla Lesage

I Hope / nipakosêyimon

by (author) Monique Gray Smith
illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard
translated by Dolores Greyeyes Sand


by (author) Monique Gray Smith
illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard
translated by Rachel Martinez

I Hope

by (author) Monique Gray Smith
illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard

Deux points bruns dans un nuage blanc

by (author) Saumiya Balasubramaniam
illustrated by Eva Campbell
translated by Benoît Laflamme

50 Below Zero Early Reader

by (author) Robert Munsch
illustrated by Michael Martchenko

All the Families in My Town

text by Ophélie Célier & Thomas Piet
illustrated by Ariane Caldin
translated by Robin Bright

Vive le poulet!

by (author) Mahtab Narsimhan
translated by Rachel Martinez

You Are My Favorite Color

by (author) Gillian Sze
illustrated by Nina Mata

Sitting Shiva

by (author) Erin Silver
illustrated by Michelle Theodore

Mère(s) et monde

by (author) Sanita Fejzic & Alisa Arsenault

Like Cats and Dogs

by (author) Mélanie Perreault
illustrated by Marion Arbona
translated by Chantal Bilodeau

Great Job, Dad!

by (author) Holman Wang

Great Job, Mom!

by (author) Holman Wang


illustrated by Matthew Forsythe


by (author) Marty Chan


illustrated by Sharon King

Trop tôt pour se lever!

by (author) Lawrence Schimel
illustrated by Elīna Brasliņa
translated by Rachel Martinez

Brady Brady and the Big Mistake

by (author) Mary Shaw
illustrated by Chuck Temple

Paddle Battle

by (author) Eric Howling

Bank Shot

by (author) Valerie Pankratz Froese

Palluq and Aksaajuq Help Their Anaana

Inuktitut Edition

by (author) Jeela Palluq-Cloutier
illustrated by Michelle Simpson

Lala's Words

A Story of Planting Kindness

illustrated by Gracey Zhang

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