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How to Give Your Cat a Bath

in Five Easy Steps

by (author) Nicola Winstanley
illustrated by John Martz

Miss Mink: Life Lessons for a Cat Countess

Life Lessons for a Cat Countess

by (author) Janet Hill

Caillou Waits for Santa Gift Set

Book with 2 stories and Gilbert Plush

text by Anne Paradis
illustrated by Eric Sevigny

Our New Kittens

by (author) Theo Heras
illustrated by Alice Carter

Baby Animals: A Spotting Game (My Bath Book)

illustrated by Karina Dupuis & Annie Sechao

Clara Humble and the Kitten Caboodle

by (author) Anna Humphrey
illustrated by Lisa Cinar

Gordon: Bark to the Future!

illustrated by Ashley Spires

The Fish and the Cat

by (author) Marianne Dubuc

The Adventures of Miss Petitfour

by (author) Anne Michaels

A Carnival of Cats Read-Along

by (author) Charles Ghigna
illustrated by Kristi Bridgeman
read by Christian Down

Nuptse and Lhotse Go to the West Coast

by (author) Jocey Asnong

My Cat Needs Me

by (author) Jane Cottrell
illustrated by Jordan Wray

Zim s'imagine

by (artist) Nathasha Pilotte
by (author) Joanie Duguay

The Cat Came Back

by (author) Cordell Barker

Georgie's Best Bad Day

by (author) Ruth Chan

Batcat and the Seven Squirrels

by (author) Eric Walters
illustrated by Kasia Charko

Frank and Laverne

by (author) Dave Whamond & Jennifer Stokes

Where's the Party?

A Picture Book

by (author) Ruth Chan

The White Cat and the Monk

A Retelling of the Poem “Pangur Bán”

by (author) Jo Ellen Bogart
illustrated by Sydney Smith


by (author) Stephanie Sim

Mister Got to Go Where Are You?

A Kids' Field Guide to Fast Food Advertising

by (author) Lois Simmie
illustrated by Cynthia Nugent

Nuptse and Lhotse Go to Iceland

by (author) Jocey Asnong

A Carnival of Cats

by (author) Charles Ghigna & Kristi Bridgeman

Cat Dad, King of the Goblins

by (author) Britt Wilson

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