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The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza

by (author) Mac Barnett
illustrated by Shawn Harris

Grumble, Yawn

by (author) Deborah Kerbel
illustrated by Jacqui Lee

Hat Cat

by (author) Troy Wilson
illustrated by Eve Coy

Nuptse and Lhotse Go to the Prairies

by (author) Jocey Asnong

Snazzy Cat Capers: Meow or Never

by (author) Deanna Kent
illustrated by Neil Hooson

Ruff Day

Charlie's Rules #2

by (author) Sigmund Brouwer
illustrated by Sabrina Gendron

Trop tôt pour se lever!

by (author) Lawrence Schimel
illustrated by Elīna Brasliņa
translated by Rachel Martinez


by (author) Lori Doody

Over the Shop

by (author) JonArno Lawson
illustrated by Qin Leng

Snazzy Cat Capers: The Fast and the Furriest

by (author) Deanna Kent
illustrated by Neil Hooson

I Do Not Like Stories

by (author) Andrew Larsen
illustrated by Carey Sookocheff

Snazzy Cat Capers

by (author) Deanna Kent
illustrated by Neil Hooson

Cone Cat

by (author) Sarah Howden
illustrated by Carmen Mok

Let's Get Sleepy!

illustrated by Tony Cliff

Sous mon arbre

by (author) Chantal Duguay Mallet

Samuel et la tuque de Noel

by (author) Art Richard & Chantal Pelletier-Richard
illustrated by Isabelle Léger

Bad Dog

by (author) Mike Boldt

Bad Dog

by (author) Mike Boldt

Luna n'aime pas

by (artist) Nathasha Pilotte

Luna The Cat Doesn't Like That

by (artist) Nathasha Pilotte

What Cats Think

by (author) John Spray & Mies van Hout

Nuptse and Lhotse in the Land of the Midnight Sun

by (author) Jocey Asnong

Pokko and the Drum

illustrated by Matthew Forsythe

Pickles vs. the Zombies

by (author) Angela Misri

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