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Pirate Glitterbeard

illustrated by Oksanna Crawley
by (author) Larissa Crawley

Keepers of the Pact

by (author) Karen Kelloway

Mermaid and Pirate

by (author) Tracey Baptiste
illustrated by Leisl Adams

Double O Stephen and the Ghostly Realm

by (author) Angela Ahn

La Jardinière des océans

by (author) Sarah Lalonde
illustrated by France Cormier

The Terrible Horrible Smelly Beach

by (author) Jacqueline Halsey & Carrie Muller

The Terrible, Horrible, Smelly Beach

by (author) Jacqueline Halsey & Carrie Muller
illustrated by Paul G. Hammond

The Grumpy Pirate

by (author) Corinne Demas & Artemis Roehrig
illustrated by Ashlyn Anstee

Pirate Queen

A Story of Zheng Yi Sao

by (author) Helaine Becker
illustrated by Liz Wong

Scallywag on the Salish Sea

by (author) Sara Cassidy
illustrated by Mike Deas

The Diamond Mistake Mystery

The Great Mistake Mysteries

by (author) Sylvia McNicoll

Arrr, Mustache Baby!

by (author) Bridget Heos
illustrated by Joy Ang

Pirates in Class 3

by (author) Alison Donald
illustrated by Ben Whitehouse

Compte avec moi: 10 Petits pirates

Livre avec rabats

adapted by Anne Paradis
illustrated by Jayne Schofield

Death by Airship

by (author) Arthur Slade

The Adventurer's Guide to Treasure (and How to Steal It)

by (author) Wade Albert White

Blackwells and the Briny Deep

Weird Stories Gone Wrong

by (author) Philippa Dowding


by (author) Kevin Sylvester

Le bateau aux bois majestueux

by (author) Dashka Slater
illustrated by Eric Fan & Terry Fan

Captain Monty Takes the Plunge

by (author) Jennifer Mook-Sang
illustrated by Liz Starin

The Antlered Ship

by (author) Dashka Slater
illustrated by Terry Fan & Eric Fan

Best Pirate

by (author) Kari-Lynn Winters
illustrated by Dean Griffiths

Seven Dead Pirates

by (author) Linda Bailey

Scurvy Dogs

illustrated by Kevin Frank

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