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Behavioral Science in the Wild

edited by Nina Mažar & Dilip Soman

Micro Enterprise Marketing

How to Start, Promote and Grow Your Micro Business in the Digital Age

by (author) Sheila Atienza

Lessons Learned on Bay Street

The Sale Begins When the Customer Says No

by (author) Donald K. Johnson

The Brand-Driven CEO

Embedding Brand into Business Strategy

by (author) David Kincaid

The Get-It-Done Business Plan

Write a Business Plan That Will Get Your Business Financed

by (author) Lana Guzman
photographs by Edgar Guzman

See You On the Internet

Building Your Small Business with Digital Marketing

by (author) Avery Swartz

Turning Silicon into Gold

The Strategies, Failures, and Evolution of the Tech Industry

by (author) Griffin Kao, Jessica Hong, Michael Perusse & Weizhen Sheng

Emerging Issues in Global Marketing

A Shifting Paradigm

by (author) James Agarwal
edited by Terry Wu

Let's Get Frank

Canada's Mad Man of Advertising

by (author) Robin Brunet

The Internet Trap

Five Costs of Living Online

by (author) Ashesh Mukherjee

The Zero Dollar Car

How the Revolution in Big Data Will Change Your Life

by (author) John Ellis

The Way of the Quiet Warrior

90 Days to the Life You Desire

by (author) Tom Dutta

The StreetSmart Marketer

11 Low-cost Keys that Unlock the Secrets to Rapid Growth in Your Business

edited by Michael B. Davie

This I Know

Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence

by (author) Terry O'Reilly

Pow! Right Between the Eyes

Profiting from the Power of Surprise

by (author) Andy Nulman
read by Peter Ganim

The Cheat Code

Going Off Script to Get More, Go Faster, and Shortcut Your Way to Success

by (author) Brian Wong

The American Retail Value Proposition

Crafting Unique Experiences at Compelling Prices

by (author) Kyle Murray

Guerrilla Marketing for Financial Advisors

Transforming Financial Professionals through Practice Management

by (author) Jay Conrad Levinson & Grant W. Hicks

The Last Mile

Creating Social and Economic Value from Behavioral Insights

by (author) Dilip Soman

The Last Mile

Creating Social and Economic Value from Behavioral Insights

by (author) Dilip Soman

How to Become Filthy, Stinking Rich Through Network Marketing

Without Alienating Friends and Family

by (author) Mark Yarnell, Valerie Bates, Derek Hall & Shelby Hall
read by Linda Bruno

Sticky Branding

12.5 Principles to Stand Out, Attract Customers, and Grow an Incredible Brand

by (author) Jeremy Miller


Beyond Branding

by (author) Martin Goldfarb & Howard Aster


How Politics Has the Power to Turn Marketing on Its Head

by (author) Clive Veroni

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