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Intentional Leadership

The Big 8 Capabilities Setting Leaders Apart

by (author) Rose M. Patten

No One Wins Alone

Leading Others, Building Teams, Inspiring Greatness

by (author) Mark Messier & Jimmy Roberts

Business the NHL Way

Lessons from the Fastest Game on Ice

by (author) Norm O'Reilly & Rick Burton
foreword by Gary Bettman
afterword by Hayley Wickenheiser

Once Upon a Leader

Finding the Story at the Heart of your Leadership

by (author) Rick Lash & Christine Miners

The Emotionally Strong Leader

An Inside-Out Journey to Transformational Leadership

by (author) Carolyn Stern


How the Best Supply Chains Thrive

by (author) Rob Handfield & Tom Linton

Working the Blue Lines

lessons in leadership from hockey and policing

by (author) Jean-Michel Blais

Rise Up

Leadership Habits for Turbulent Times

by (author) Ali Grovue & Mike Watson

Conscious Service

Ten ways to reclaim your calling, move beyond burnout, and make a difference without sacrificing yourself

by (author) Elizabeth Bishop


Canada's Top CEOs on Leadership During Covid-19

edited by Steve Mayer & Andrew Willis
foreword by Michele Romanow

The Speculative City

Emergent Forms and Norms of the Built Environment

edited by Cecilia L. Chu & Shenjing He

Change for Good

An Action-Oriented Approach for Businesses to Benefit from Solving the World's Most Urgent Social Problems

by (author) Paul Klein

Leading to Greatness

5 Principles to Transform your Leadership and Build Great Teams

by (author) Jim Reid


Lessons on Leadership from Two Women Who Went First

by (author) Martha Piper & Indira Samarasekera
foreword by Kim Campbell

The Everyday Hero Manifesto

Activate Your Positivity, Maximize Your Productivity, Serve The World

by (author) Robin Sharma

Facilitating Breakthrough

How to Remove Obstacles, Bridge Differences, and Move Forward Together 

by (author) Adam Kahane

Leading Beyond Change

A Practical Guide to Evolving Business Agility

by (author) Michael K. Sahota & Audree Tara Sahota

The Rural Entrepreneur John Bragg

The Force Behind Oxford Frozen Foods and Eastlink

by (author) Donald Savoie

The Rural Entrepreneur: John Bragg

The Force Behind Oxford Frozen Foods and Eastlink

by (author) Donald J. Savoie

Billion Dollar Start-Up

The True Story of How a Couple of 29-Year-Olds Turned $35,000 into a $1,000,000,000 Cannabis Company

by (author) Adam Miron, Sébastien St-Louis & Julie Beun
foreword by Don Wright

Opening Doors to Diversity in Leadership

by (author) Bobby Siu

Unlocking Happiness at Work

How a Data-driven Happiness Strategy Fuels Purpose, Passion and Performance

by (author) Jennifer Moss
foreword by Shawn Achor

The Behaviorally Informed Organization

edited by Dilip Soman & Catherine Yeung


How to Cut the Crap and Lead in the Modern Workplace

by (author) Derrick Clough

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