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Protest and Parternship

Case Studies of Indigenous Peoples, Consultation and Engagement, and Resource Development in Canada

edited by Jennifer Winter & Brendan Boyd

Unjust Transition

The Future for Fossil Fuel Workers

edited by Emily Eaton, Andrew Stevens & Sean Tucker

Contested Waters

The Struggle for Rights and Reconciliation in the Atlantic Fishery

edited by Richard Williams & Fred Wien

Carbon Change

Canada on the Brink of Decarbonization

by (author) Dennis McConaghy


Canadian Mining in the Aftermath of Genocides in Guatemala

edited by Catherine Nolin & Grahame Russell

Mining Country

A history of Canada’s mines and miners

by (author) John Sandlos & Arn Keeling

Dublin Gulch

A History of the Eagle Gold Mine

by (author) Michael Gates

A Future for the Fishery

Crisis and Renewal in Canada's Neglected Fishing Industry

by (author) Rick Williams
foreword by Donald Savoie

Unearthing Justice

How to Protect Your Community from the Mining Industry

by (author) Joan Kuyek

Vanishing Fish

Shifting Baselines and the Future of Global Fisheries

by (author) Daniel Pauly
foreword by Jennifer Jacquet

Out of the Earth

The Mineral Industry in Canada

edited by G.B. Langford

Growing Community Forests

Practice, Research, and Advocacy in Canada

edited by Ryan Bullock, Gayle Broad, Lynn Palmer & M.A. (Peggy) Smith


Canada after Keystone XL

by (author) Dennis McConaghy

Slick Water

Fracking and One Insider's Stand against the World's Most Powerful Industry

by (author) Andrew Nikiforuk


An Inside Account of Saskatchewan's Pink Gold

by (author) John Burton


Forest and Industry on British Columbia's North Coast, 1870–2005

by (author) Richard A. Rajala

Power and Restructuring

Canada's Coastal Society and Environment

edited by Peter R. Sinclair & Rosemary E. Ommer

Breaking the Ice/Briser la Glace

Proceedings of the 7th ACUNS (Inter)National Student Conference on Northern Studies

edited by Ryan K. Danby, Heather E. Castleden, Audrey R. Giles, Jennie Rausch & Milton M.R. Freeman

A Place in the Sun

Shetland and Oil--Myths and Realities

by (author) Jonathan Wills

Fish Versus Oil

Resources and Rural Development in North Atlantic Societies

edited by John Douglas House

An Economic Analysis of the Impact of Oil Prices on Urban Structures

by (author) James R. Melvin & David T. Scheffman

Consequences of Offshore Oil and Gas

Norway, Scotland and Newfoundland

edited by Maurice Scarlett