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The Monetarist Counter-Revolution

A Critique of Canadian Monetary Policy 1975-1979

by (author) Arthur Donner & Douglas Peters

Give Us Good Measure

An economic analysis of relations between the Indians and the Hudson's Bay Company before 1763

by (author) Arthur Ray & Donald B. Freeman

Cod Fisheries

The History of an International Economy

by (author) Harold A. Innis

The River Barons

Montreal businessmen and the growth of industry and transportation 1837-53

by (author) Gerald Tulchinsky

The Caribbean Connection

by (author) Robert Chodos

Keynesian Economics

by (author) Mabel F. Timlin

The Caribbean Connection

by (author) Robert Chodos

British Direct Investment in Canada 1890-1914

Estimates and Determinants

by (author) Donald G. Paterson

The Moselle

River and Canal from the Roman Empire to the European Economic Community

by (author) Jean Cermakian

The History of Canadian Business, Volume I


by (author) R. Naylor

Inflation or Depression

The Continuing Crisis of the Canadian Economy

by (author) Cy Gonick

Imperial Economic Policy 1917-1939

by (author) Ian Drummond

From Adam Smith to Maynard Keynes

The Heritage of Political Economy

by (author) Vincent Bladen

Let Us Prey

edited by Robert Chodos & Rae Murphy

The Dynamics of Right-Wing Protest

A Political Analysis of Social Credit in Quebec

by (author) Michael B. Stein

Wool, Cloth, and Gold

The Struggle for Bullion in Anglo-Burgundian Trade 1340-1478

by (author) John Munro

The Atlantic Provinces

Studies in Canadian Geography

edited by Alan Macpherson

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