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Fishing Measures

A Critique of Desk-Bound Reason

by (author) Daniel Banoub

Toronto: City of Commerce 1800-1960

Stories of a city’s factories, businesses and storefronts

by (author) Katherine Taylor

Share the Wealth!

How we can tax Canada’s super-rich and create a better country for everyone

by (author) Jonathan Gauvin & Angella MacEwen

A Brief History of Money

4000 Years of Markets, Currencies, Debt and Crisis

by (author) David Orrell


Turning Things into Assets in Technoscientific Capitalism

edited by Kean Birch & Fabian Muniesa

The Making of Capitalism in France

Class Structures, Economic Development, the State and the Formation of the French Working Class, 1750-1914

by (author) Xavier Lafrance

Reinventing the Economic History of Industrialisation

edited by Kristine Bruland, Anne Gerritsen, Pat Hudson & Giorgio Riello

Right Here, Right Now

Politics and Leadership in the Age of Disruption

by (author) Stephen J. Harper

Federalism and the Canadian Economic Union

edited by Michael J. Trebilcock, J. Robert S. Prichard, T.J. Courchene & John Whalley

Cyclical Changes in Trade Balances of Countries Exporting Primary Products 1927-1933

A Comparative Study of Forty-Nine Countries

by (author) S.G. Triantis

The Agricultural Implement Industry in Canada

A Study of Competition

by (author) W.G. Phillips

Fur Trade Canoe Routes of Canada / Then and Now

by (author) Eric Morse

Towards a World of Plenty

The Falconer Lectures University of Toronto, 1963

by (author) Barbara Ward

Canadian Agricultural Policy

The Historical Pattern

by (author) Vernon Fowke

Inventories and the Business Cycle

by (author) Clarence Barber

The Franchise and Politics in British North America 1755-1867

by (author) John Garner

The Canadian Grain Trade 1931-1951

by (author) Duncan MacGibbon

The National Policy and the Wheat Economy

by (author) Vernon Fowke

The Protective Tariff in Canada's Development

Eight Essays on Trade and Tariff When Factors Move with Special Reference to Canadian Protectionism, 1870-1955

by (author) J.H. Dales

The Story of Canadian Roads

by (author) Edwin Guillet

The Age of Increasing Inequality

The Astonishing Rise of Canada's 1%

by (author) Lars Osberg

Pocket Piketty

by (author) Jesper Roine

The Fur Trade in Canada

An Introduction to Canadian Economic History

by (author) Harold Innis
introduction by Arthur Ray


Trading with the Hudson's Bay Company

by (author) Shannon Partridge

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