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Herbert Marcuse's Utopia

by (author) Alain Martineau
translated by Jane Brierley

Hypatia's Wake

by (author) Susan Andrews Grace

Hypatia's Wake

by (author) Susan Andrews Grace

Alasdair MacIntyre

An Intellectual Biography

by (author) Émile Perreau-Saussine
translated by Nathan J. Pinkoski
foreword by Pierre Manent

Can't Help Falling

A Long Road to Motherhood

by (author) Tarah Schwartz

Ivan Illich

An Intellectual Journey

by (author) David Cayley


A Memoir of Childhood

by (author) Richard Wollheim
introduction by Sheila Heti


A Life in Pictures

by (author) Amy Jo Ehman

Foucault against Himself

edited by Francois Caillat
translated by David Homel

Time Will Say Nothing

A Philosopher Survives an Iranian Prison

by (author) Ramin Jahanbegloo

Canadian Scholars Bundle

Lucille Teasdale / Robertson Davies / George Grant / Marshall McLuhan

by (author) Nicholas Maes, Judith Fitzgerald, T.F. Rigelhof & Deborah Cowley

Deep Too

by (author) Stan Dragland

Extraordinary Canadians: Marshall McLuhan

by (author) Douglas Coupland

Hope in a Scattering Time

A Life of Christopher Lasch

by (author) Eric Miller

Measuring the Mosaic

An Intellectual Biography of John Porter

by (author) Rick Helmes-Hayes

Isaiah Berlin

A Life

by (author) Michael Ignatieff

Salighed As Happiness?

Kierkegaard on the Concept Salighed

by (author) Abrahim H. Khan

Vladimir Solov’ev and the Knighthood of the Divine Sophia

by (author) Samuel Cioran

Francisco Giner de los Rios

A Spanish Socrates

by (author) Solomon Lipp

George Grant

Redefining Canada

by (author) T.F. Rigelhof

William James On Radical Empiricism and Religion

by (author) Hunter Brown

Correspondance g�n�rale d'Helv�tius

1774-1800 / Lettres 721-855

edited by Peter Allan, Alan Dainard, Marie-Thérèse Inguenaud, Jean Orsoni & David Smith

Marshall McLuhan

The Medium And The Messenger

by (author) Philip Marchand
foreword by Neil Postman

George Bentham

Autobiography, 1800-1834

by (author) George Bentham
edited by Marion Filipiuk

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