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General Preface and Life of Dr John North

edited by Peter Millard

Above Tide

Reflections on Roderick Haig-Brown

by (author) Anthony Robertson

Alice Munro

by (author) Brenda Pfaus

E.J. Pratt on His Life and Poetry

by (author) Susan Gingell

Bruno Jasienski

His Evolution from Futurism to Socialist Realism

by (author) Nina Kolesnikoff

An Odd Attempt in a Woman

The Literary Life of Frances Brooke

by (author) Lorraine McMullen

Nathan Cohen

The Making of a Critic

by (author) Wayne Edmonstone

My Uncle Stephen Leacock

by (author) Elizabeth Kimball

Hugh MacLennan: A Writer's Life

by (author) Elspeth Cameron


by (author) James Gray

The Wheel of Things

A Biography of Lucy Maud Montgomery

by (author) Mollie Gillen

William Arthur Deacon

A Canadian Literary Life

by (author) Clara Thomas & John Lennox

The Smaller Infinity

The Jungian Self in the Novels of Robertson Davies

by (author) Patricia Monk

Essentially Canadian

The Life and Fiction of Alan Sullivan 1868-1947

by (author) Gordon D. McLeod

The Stoic Strain in American Literature

Essays in Honour of Marston LaFrance

edited by Duane MacMillan

Karl Philipp Moritz

At the Fringe of Genius

by (author) Mark Boulby

Annie Howells and Achille Fréchette

by (author) James Doyle

Blaise Cendrars

Discovery and Re-creation

by (author) Jay Bochner

The Letters of Frederick Philip Grove

edited by Desmond Pacey

The Measure of the Rule

by (author) Robert Barr
introduction by Louise Mackendrick
series edited by Douglas Lochhead

Measure of the Rule

by (author) Robert Barr
series edited by Douglas Lochhead
introduction by Louise Mackendrick

The Letters of Thomas Hood

edited by Peter Morgan


translated by Raymond Y. Chamberlain
by (author) Louis Dantin

Your Loving Anna

Letters from the Ontario Frontier

by (author) Louis Tivy

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