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Silent Refuge

by (author) Margrit Rosenberg Stenge

Paddling Her Own Canoe

The Times and Texts of E. Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake)

by (author) Veronica Strong-Boag & Carole Gerson

Irena's Children

A True Story of Courage

by (author) Tilar J. Mazzeo

How Different It Was

Canadians at the Time of Confederation

by (author) Michael J. Goodspeed

Tolstoy and Tolstaya

A Portrait of a Life in Letters

edited by Andrew Donskov
translated by John Woodsworth, Arkadi Klioutchanski & Liudmila Gladkova

Roughing It in the Bush

Penguin Modern Classics Edition

by (author) Susanna Moodie

So High a Blood

The Story of Margaret Douglas, the Tudor that Time Forgot

by (author) Morgan Ring

Six Lost Years

by (author) Amek Adler

Buried Words

The Diary of Molly Applebaum

by (author) Molly Applebaum

Before All Memory is Lost

Women's Voices from the Holocaust

edited by Myrna Goldberg

Memoirs of a Pakhtun Immigrant

by (author) Teresa Schapansky

Travels and Identities

Elizabeth and Adam Shortt in Europe, 1911

edited by Peter E. Paul Dembski

The Vale of Tears

by (author) Rabbi Pinchas Hirschprung
translated by Vivian Felsen

Behind the Red Curtain

by (author) Maya Rakitova

George Cartwright's The Labrador Companion

by (author) George Cartwright
edited by Marianne P. Stopp

The Promise of Canada

150 Years--People and Ideas That Have Shaped Our Country

by (author) Charlotte Gray

John McCrae

Beyond Flanders Fields

by (author) Susan Raby-Dunne

Otto & Daria

A Wartime Journey Through No Man's Land

by (author) Eric Koch

Gold Rush Queen

The Extraordinary Life of Nellie Cashman

by (author) Thora Kerr Illing

The Banker and the Blackfoot

A Memoir of My Grandfather in Chinook Country

by (author) J. Edward Chamberlin

History’s People

Personalities and the Past

by (author) Margaret MacMillan

Our Living Tradition

First Series

edited by Claude Bissell

George Orwell

English Rebel

by (author) Robert Colls
read by John Lee

Canada Day 2016 Preview

The Promise of Canada

by (author) Charlotte Gray

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