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A Drastic Turn of Destiny

by (author) Fred Mann

Under the Red and Yellow Stars

by (author) Alex Levin

Doodlebugging in Saskatchewan

A Wife Remembers 1950-1954

by (author) Elizabeth Sawatzky

Gabriel Dumont Speaks 2nd Edition

Revised 2nd Edition

by (author) Gabriel Dumont
translated by Michael Barnholden

Italy Revisited

Conversations with my mother

by (author) Mary Melfi

A People on the Move

The Métis of the Western Plains

by (author) Irene Ternier Gordon

Native Chiefs and Famous Métis

Leadership and Bravery in the Canadian West

by (author) Holly Quan

Bright Seas, Pioneer Spirits

A History of the Sunshine Coast

by (author) Betty Keller & Rosella Leslie

The Scalpel, the Sword

The Story of Doctor Norman Bethune

by (author) Ted Allan & Sydney Gordon
introduction by Julie Allan, Norman Bethune Allan & Susan Ostrovsky

R.E.A.L., from the Edge of the Rock

... a Newfoundland Memoir (2nd Printing)

by (author) Rita Mary Stamp
editor-in-chief Francis Mitchell
cover design or artwork by Virginia Houston
foreword by Lisa Catherine Cohen

Celebrated Pets

Endearing Tales of Companionship and Loyalty

by (author) Cheryl MacDonald

The Great Maritime Detective

The Exploits and Adventures of the Notorious Peachie Carroll

by (author) Monica Graham

Ghost Town Stories of Alberta

Abandoned Dreams in the Shadows of the Canadian Rockies

by (author) Johnnie Bachusky

Ghost Town Stories of BC

Tales of Hope, Heroism and Tragedy

by (author) Johnnie Bachusky

The Occupied Garden

A Family Memoir of War-Torn Holland

by (author) Kristen den Hartog & Tracy Kasaboski

From Harvey River

A Memoir of My Mother and Her People

by (author) Lorna Goodison

Great Canadian Women Box Set

by (author) Author Various

White Water Skippers of the North

The Barringtons

by (author) Nancy Ferrell

Hidden in the Enemy's Sight

Resisting the Third Reich from Within

by (author) Jan Kamienski

Discovery at Prudhoe Bay

Mountain men and seismic vision drilled black gold

by (author) John M. Sweet

Captain Alex MacLean

Jack London's Sea Wolf

by (author) Don MacGillivray

At the Far Reaches of Empire

The Life of Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra

by (author) Freeman M. Tovell

Lord Selkirk

A Life

by (author) J.M. Bumsted

J.W. McConnell

Financier, Philanthropist, Patriot

by (author) William Fong

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