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Joseph Kearney and the Hunt for Rommel

The Life of a Newfoundland Commando

by (author) Frank Galgay & Donna Kearney Adams

In the Backyard

Relearning the Art of Aging, Dying and Making Love

by (author) Mary Melfi

The Man in the Arena

From Railway Brat to Diplomat

by (author) Roger Simmons

Cops in Kabul

A Newfoundland Peacekeeper in Afghanistan

by (author) William C. Malone

Ford Nation

Two Brothers, One Vision

by (author) Rob Ford & Doug Ford

A Mill Behind Every Stump

by (author) Marianne Van Osch

A Mill Behind Every Stump

The Okanagan Trail of 1858–68 and Its Origins in Washington and British Columbia

by (author) Marianne Osch

All the Oceans

Designing by the Seat of My Pants

by (author) Ron Holland

A Man of My Word

A Memoir

by (author) Beaton Tulk & Laurie Blackwood Pike

Challengers of the Sea

by (author) Jim Wellman

Northern Star

J.S. Plaskett

by (author) R. Peter Broughton
foreword by James E. Hesser

Juliet's Answer

One Man's Search for Love and the Elusive Cure for Heartbreak

by (author) Glenn Dixon

First Kills

The Illustrated Biography of Fighter Pilot Wladek Gnys

by (author) Stefan Gnys

The Golden Boy

A Doctor's Journey with Addiction

by (author) Grant Matheson

Mad Enchantment

Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies

by (author) Ross King

Everyday Heroes

Inspirational Stories from Men and Women in the Canadian Armed Forces

by (author) Jody Mitic

Walking in the Woods

A Métis Memoir

by (author) Herb Belcourt

The Escapist

How One Man Cheated Death on the World's Highest Mountains

by (author) Gabriel Filippi & Brett Popplewell

Emily Patterson

The Heroic Life of a Milltown Nurse

by (author) Lisa Anne Smith

To Hell and Back

A Former Hells Angel’s Story of Recovery and Redemption

by (author) Joe Calendino & Gary Little

The Look Book

Fall 2017 Sampler

by (author) Michael Adams, Chris Turner, Jody Mitic, Will Ferguson & Gare Joyce

Daniel Paul: Mi'kmaw Elder

by (author) Jon Tattrie


My Life With The Spoons

by (author) Gord Deppe

The Great Gould


by (author) Peter Goddard

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