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How Canada Works

The People Who Make Our Nation Thrive

by (author) Peter Mansbridge & Mark Bulgutch

Away from My Island

The True Story of Eliza Gill

by (author) Gary Collins

Red Zone

From the Offensive Line to the Front Line of the Pandemic

by (author) Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

See You in See You in Le Touquet

A Memoir of War and Destiny

by (author) Romie Christie
edited by Deana Driver

In the Shadow of Isandlwana

The Life and Times of General Lord Chelmsford and his Disaster in Zululand

by (author) John Laband & Ian Knight

if you lie down in a field, she will find you there

Remembering Doris Brown

by (author) Colleen Brown

Notes on a Writer's Life

A Memoir

by (author) Davis Adams Richards

Love and War

The True Story of William and Edith Lundrigan

by (author) Robert Lundrigan

Love and War

The True Story of William and Edith Lundrigan

by (author) Robert Lundrigan

The Horse Doctor’s Daughter

The Early Diaries of Jane Crosbie

by (author) Jane Crosbie

For the Love of Sea View

by (author) Hilary MacLeod


Tank Commander Cadet in the Yom Kippur War

by (author) Amir Bega

Notes on a Writer's Life

A Memoir

by (author) David Adams Richards

Seventh Son

My Road to Success

by (author) Jim Scott

We Were Dreamers

An Immigrant Superhero Origin Story

by (author) Simu Liu

Repairing the World

Sheila Kussner and the Power of Empathy

by (author) Douglas Hunter

Tom's Story

My 16 Year Friendship with a Homeless Man

by (author) Jo-Ann Oosterman


An Old Man, a Mountain and the Search for a Hidden Past

by (author) Brett Popplewell

The Mi'kmaq Anthology, Volumn Two

In Celebration of the Life of Rita Joe

by (author) Theresa Meuse


The Story of An Entrepreneurial Environmentalist Inside Alberta's Oil and Gas Industry

by (author) Dave Werklund

Eyes on the Horizon

My Journey Toward Justice

by (author) Balarama Holness

Life of a Pilot: Bush Planes and Water Bombers

by (author) Glen G. Goobie

My Country

by (author) George Canyon

Inside the Mind of John Wayne Gacy

The Real-Life Killer Clown

by (author) Brad Hunter

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