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A Great Feast of Light

Growing Up Irish in the Television Age

by (author) John Doyle

Hilary Duff

Her Story and Her Rise to Fame

by (author) Edrick Thay

Stan Rogers

Northwest Passage

by (author) Chris Gudgeon
preface by Sylvia Tyson

Donald Brian: King of Broadway

King of Broadway

by (author) Charles Foster

Cast of the O.C., The

The Stories Behind the Faces

by (author) Edgar McFay

Don Owen

Notes on a Filmmaker and His Culture

edited by Steve Gravestock

Michael Moore

A Biography

by (author) Emily Schultz

Randy Newman

American Dreams

by (author) Kevin Courrier

Pioneer Canadian Actors

The Stories Behind Legends of the Silver Screen

by (author) Stone Wallace

Brad Pitt

Reluctant Leading Man

by (author) Sophie Lees

Shania Twain

Hometown Canadian to International Superstar

by (author) Eva Marie Clarke

Renee Zellweger

From Small Town Girl to Superstar

by (author) Mark Wells

Angelina Jolie

Angel in Disguise

by (author) Edgar McFay

Russell Crowe

Maverick with a Heart

by (author) Stone Wallace & Nicholle Carriere

Gwyneth Paltrow

Grace & the Girl Next Door

by (author) Glenn Tkach

Johnny Depp

The Passionate Rebel

by (author) Stone Wallace

Leonardo DiCaprio

An Intimate Portrait

by (author) Colin MacLean

John Grierson

Trailblazer of Documentary Film

by (author) Gary Evans

One Man’s Documentary

A Memoir of the Early Years of the National Film Board

by (author) Graham McInnes
edited by Gene Walz

Backstage Vancouver

A Century of Entertainment Legends

by (author) Greg Potter & Red Robinson

The Mouth of the South

The Jimmy Hart Story

by (author) Jimmy Hart

The Death of WCW

WrestleCrap and Figure Four Weekly Present . . .

by (author) R.D. Reynolds & Bryan Alvarez

Pierre Perrault and the Poetic Documentary

edited by David Clandfield

Man Who Killed Houdini, The

by (author) Don Bell

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