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Centre and Periphery, Roots and Exile

Interpreting the Music of István Anhalt, György Kurtág, and Sándor Veress

edited by Friedemann Sallis, Robin Elliott & Kenneth DeLong

Writing Gordon Lightfoot

The Man, the Music, and the World in 1972

by (author) Dave Bidini

Fifty Sides of the Beach Boys

The Songs that Tell Their Story

by (author) Mark Dillon

My Life on Earth and Elsewhere

by (author) R. Murray Schafer

Unheard Of

Memoirs of a Canadian Composer

edited by John Beckwith

First Violin, The

The Life, loves, and loss of the Titanic's violinist John Law Hume

by (author) Yvonne Hume

Soul Mining

A Musical Life

by (author) Daniel Lanois

Walk Like a Man

Coming of Age with the Music of Bruce Springsteen

by (author) Robert J. Wiersema

Walk Like a Man

Coming of Age with the Music of Bruce Springsteen

Far and Away

A Prize Every Time

by (author) Neil Peart


Landscape with Drums: A Concert Tour by Motorcycle

by (author) Neil Peart

Dirty, Drunk, and Punk

The Twisted Crazy Story of the Bunchofuckingoofs

by (author) Jennifer Morton


Essays on His Life and Music

edited by John Beckwith
by (author) Brian Cherney

Writing Out the Notes

by (author) Bob Hallett

Andy De Jarlis

The Life and Music of an Old-Time Fiddler

by (author) Joe Mackintosh

I Am My Father's Son

A Memoir of Love and Forgiveness

by (author) Dan Hill

Lois Marshall

A Biography

by (author) James Neufeld

The Secret Life of Glenn Gould

A Genius in Love

by (author) Michael Clarkson

The Cello Suites

J.S. Bach, Pablo Casals, And The Search For A Baroque Masterpiece

by (author) Eric Siblin

Neil and Me

by (author) Scott Young

Being Young

Neil, Scott and Me

by (author) Astrid Young

Eagle Minds

Selected Correspondence of Istvan Anhalt and George Rochberg (1961-2005)

edited by Alan M. Gillmor

Don Messer

The Man Behind the Music

by (author) Johanna Bertin

This Book is Broken

A Broken Social Scene Story

by (author) Stuart Berman
foreword by Brendan Canning & Kevin Drew

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