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Northern Sparks

Innovation, Technology Policy, and the Arts in Canada from Expo 67 to the Intern et Age

by (author) Michael Century

Unsettling Canadian Art History

edited by Erin Morton

Expo 67 and Its World

Staging the Nation in the Crucible of Globalization

edited by Craig Moyes & Steven Palmer

Jackson's Wars

A.Y. Jackson, the Birth of the Group of Seven, and the Great War

by (author) Douglas Hunter

Hollis Frampton

edited by Michael Zryd

Painted Worlds

The Art of Maud Lewis, A Critical Perspective

by (author) Dr Laurie Dalton

The Moving Statues of Seventeenth-Century Amsterdam

Automata, Waxworks, Fountains, Labyrinths

by (author) Angela Vanhaelen

The Ibero-American Baroque

edited by Beatriz de Alba-Koch

Sybil & Cyril

Cutting through Time

by (author) Jenny Uglow

Situating Design in Alberta

edited by Isabel Prochner & Tim Antoniuk
foreword by Douglas J. Cardinal
contributions by Ken Bautista, Carlos Fiorentino, Maria Goncharova, Andrea Hirji, Mark Iantkow, Barry Johns, Lyubava Kroll, Courtenay Ruth McKay, Skye Oleson-Cormack, Janice Rieger, Elizabeth Schowalter, Megan Strickfaden, Tyler Vreeling & Ron Wickman

Media Critique in the Age of Gillray

Scratches, Scraps, and Spectres

by (author) Joseph Monteyne

Art in the Age of Machine Learning

by (author) Sofian Audry
foreword by Yoshua Bengio

Moments of Perception

Experimental Film in Canada

edited by Jim Shedden & Barbara Sternberg
text by Michael Zryd & Stephen Broomer

Picturing Punishment

The Spectacle and Material Afterlife of the Criminal Body in the Dutch Republic

by (author) Anuradha Gobin

Evidence of the Avant Garde (ex-library)

by (artist) Derek Sullivan

The Sioux Project—Tatanka Oyate

by (artist) Dana Claxton
edited by Timothy Long

Autotheory as Feminist Practice in Art, Writing, and Criticism

by (author) Lauren Fournier

Tawâskweyâw ᑕᐋᐧᐢᑫᐧᔮᐤ

A Path or Gap Among the Trees A Touring Survey of Artworks by Jason Baerg

text by Gerald McMaster & Ryan Rice
edited by Stephen Foster


Visual Culture at the Banff School of Fine Arts

by (author) PearlAnn Reichwein & Karen Wall

Like Vision

The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson

edited by Ian Dejardin & Sarah Milroy

A Pocket Guide to The Unheralded Artists of BC Series

The Life and Art of–Jack Akroyd, George Fertig, Mary Filer, Jack Hardman, Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher, LeRoy Jensen, David Marshall, Frank Molnar, Arthur Pitts, Mildred Valley Thornton, Ina D.D. Uhthoff, Harry Webb, Jessie Webb

edited by Mona Fertig
introduction by Marsha Lederman

The Bomb in the Wilderness

Photography and the Nuclear Era in Canada

by (author) John O'Brian

Jean Paul Riopelle and the Automatiste Movement

by (author) François-Marc Gagnon

Jean Paul Riopelle et le Mouvement Automatiste

by (author) François-Marc Gagnon

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