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Mantra Art

The Journey Within

by (author) Juss Kaur

Bonsai | Penjing

The Collections of the Montréal Botanitcal Garden

by (author) Danielle Ouellet


The Rise of Chinese Contemporary Art in the West

by (author) Marie Leduc

grow: The Art of Koyamori

The Art of Koyamori

by (author) Koyamori


Les céramiques japonaises de Sir William Van Horne

edited by Ron Graham

Traces of Words

Art and Calligraphy from Asia

by (author) Fuyubi Nakamura

The Business of Culture

Cultural Entrepreneurs in China and Southeast Asia, 1900-65

edited by Christopher Rea & Nicolai Volland

Hi, Konnichiwa

Yayoi Kusama Art Book

by (author) Yayoi Kusama

Glorify the Empire

Japanese Avant-Garde Propaganda in Manchukuo

by (author) Annika A. Culver

Diasporic Chineseness after the Rise of China

Communities and Cultural Production

edited by Julia Kuehn, Kam Louie & David M. Pomfret

Ganga Jamuni

Silver and Gold: A Forgotten Culture

by (author) Naz Ikramullah

Milestones on a Golden Road

Writing for Chinese Socialism, 1945-80

by (author) Richard King

Global Goes Local

Popular Culture in Asia

edited by Timothy J. Craig & Richard King

Images in Asian Religions

Text and Contexts

edited by Phyllis Granoff & Koichi Shinohara

Dragons, Tigers and Bamboo

Japanese Porcelain and Its Impact in Europe; The MacDonald Collection

by (author) Oliver Impey
contributions by Christiaan Jörg & Charles Mason

Wang Dehui

Oil and Chinese Brush Paintings

by (artist) Wang Dehui
text by Lien Chao

Reel Asian

Asian Canada on Screen

edited by Elaine Chang

Dressed to Rule

18th Century Court Attire in the Mactaggart Art Collection

by (author) John E. Vollmer
foreword by Janine Andrews

Gandharan Buddhism

Archaeology, Art, and Texts

edited by Kurt Behrendt & Pia Brancaccio

The Cult of Happiness

Nianhua, Art, and History in Rural North China

by (author) James A. Flath

Homage to Heaven, Homage to Earth

Chinese Treasures of the Royal Ontario Museum

by (author) Royal Ontario Museum

Soul, Spirit, and Mountain

Preoccupations of Contemporary Indonesian Painters

by (author) Astri Wright

A History of Japanese Lacquerwork

by (author) Beatrix Von Rague