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Arthur Erickson on Learning Systems

by (author) Arthur Erickson

Context and Content

The Memoir of a Fortunate Architect

by (author) A.J. Diamond

Todd Saunders

New Northern Houses

by (author) Dominic Bradbury

Frank Gehry: The Masterpieces

by (author) Jean-Louis Cohen
with Cahiers d'Art

Barry Sampson

Teaching + Practice

edited by Brian Carter & Annette LeCuyer

Canadian Architecture

Evolving a Cultural Identity

by (author) Leslie Jen

Almost, Not

The Architecture of Atelier Nishikata

by (author) Leslie Van Duzer

boundary sequence illusion

Ian MacDonald Architect

by (author) Ian Macdonald
introduction by Barry Sampson
edited by Brian Carter

Eppich House II

The Story of an Arthur Erickson Masterwork

by (author) Greg Bellerby & Michelangelo Sabatino

“Living Lightly on the Earth”

Building an Ark for Prince Edward Island, 1974-76

by (author) Steven Mannell & Solsearch Architects
by (artist) David Bergmark & Ole Hammarlund

Montreal's Geodesic Dreams

Jeffrey Lindsay and The Fuller Research Foundation Canadian Division

edited by Cammie McAtee

Dan Hanganu

Works, 1981-2015

by (author) Dan Hanganu
edited by Essy Baniassad

Arthur Erickson : Layered Landscapes

Drawings from the Canadian Architectural Archives

edited by Michelangelo Sabatino & Linda Fraser

William Krisel's Palm Springs

The Language of Modernism

by (author) Heidi Creighton & Chris Menrad

Tom Kundig


by (author) Tom Kundig

Arthur Erickson

An Architect's Life

by (author) David Stouck

Architecture and National Identity

The Centennial Projects 50 Years On

by (author) Marco Polo & Colin Ripley

Shim Sutcliffe

The Passage of Time

by (author) Brigitte Shim & Howard Sutcliffe
edited by Annette LeCuyer

John C. Parkin, Archives and Photography

Reflections on the Practice and Presentation of Modern Architecture

by (author) Linda Fraser, Michael McMordie & Geoffrey Simmins

On Architecture

Melvin Charney, a Critical Anthology

by (author) Louis Martin

Buildings Cities Life

An Autobiography in Architecture, Volume 1

by (author) Eberhard Zeidler


by (author) Heather Howat & David Battersby
edited by Brian Carter

Bing Thom Works

by (author) Bing Thom
introduction by Fumihiko Maki

Designing and Building

Rockhill and Associates

edited by Brian Carter
by (author) Rockhill and Associates

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